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Mission design is a joke

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38 minutes ago, saintsrow said:

It reminds me of the final John Marston mission in RDR1, and believe, me, that's not a good thing.  😠

Interesting that you noted that misison specifically lol, easily my favorite/most memorable mission from well...any game ever, but I haven't finished RDR2 yet so there may be mission I like more that I've yet to see.


Different strokes for different folks I suppose lol.

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13 hours ago, O.Z said:



This is got to be the worst gang I have ever seen, Dutch is pretty stupid tbh, the only guys who actually think are Arthur, Hosea, Charles and John, the rest are pretty useless. 


Dutch and Micah should have their own gang known as wannabe robbers who get caught every time, even the Wet Bandits from Home Alone 2 had more success than these two, lol. 


Also Dutch’s punchlines - “we need one more score” -  “you got to trust me” etc just makes me cringe every time I hear it. What a tosser

Thing is the story starts once their fall begins (although we don't see the Blackwater failure, we hear a lot about it). Considering for how long they survived, it's clear that plenty of plans did go right. And hell some of the stuff wasn't even that stupid in this game, they just seem to have really bad luck as well

3 hours ago, bish0p2004 said:

I don't mind the main missions being so linear...I mean it would be nice to have a little bit more leeway and more of an organic feel too missions (one of the missions I hated the most was chasing the kid in St Denis...I could feel the game taking control away from me during it), but I'm generally fine with it.


It's the bounty missions I have an issue with.  I mean we have an epic, mostly linear main quest, we have Stranger Missions that are linear...do the bounty missions have to be linear as well now?  I've only done one so far that allowed me to bring the guy in dead or alive but all the others have been to bring them in alive.


Also, I am happy that the Chance Encounters are at least more open ended and continue to occur in the world unlike GTA V's "random encounters."


Still, by the time GTA 6 comes out, I think the game will mostly consist of a main story that is nothing but quick time events, and a huge, big world with nothing but collectibles and supernatural mysteries.  Also online.

True, making the bounty missions linear was a bit lame. I wanted to let one dude go but had to capture him, otherwise the mission would fail. The random encounters are very open ended though and you have some choices most of the time which is good.


I don't see why you would think that for GTA VI..Rockstar has shown with RDR2 that they still care for a quality SP experience. Most here thought they would half ass RDR2's SP and make it short and rushed to push Online but that's not what happened.

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Well, I think one of the main reasons the gang fails so often is because of the changing world. They're being hunted by the law on a level they've never experienced before. The gang's pretty much in an "adapt or die" situation and they didn't choose to adapt. They just kept doing things the only way they knew how.

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On 11/13/2018 at 12:45 PM, feckyerlife said:

If you never been on a river boat, you wouldn't know, but they are super slow, like a turtle on land type of slow.

Fair enough but still....wouldn't they have some type of rescue boats or anything like that? Even by using just steamboat,  they should get to the shore faster because it seemed to be pretty far out. Even if there was no way to go after the gang, jumping in your suit in a water few miles from the shore is good way to die. Not to mention all the money you carry and that expensive watch. Idk, I just find it to be very lazy mission design . Many missions feel as they were supposed to be much more but they just abruptly end with some generic cut scene.

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Coming back to this, a recent review that I found myself agreeing a lot with:




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