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Stamina regen while swimming


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What a pain in the a*/e that is! What's the point in that, yous have took "realism" too far this is the type of stuff that makes a game not fun. The fact you can't regen stamina while static in water is pathetic. It's also unrealistic as you know if you swim fast in real life stop when out of breath float catch your breath start swimming again? Anyone who says that not possible your full of it, I do it every year as a test its not that hard. Its like playing gta vice City all over again water = dead. Starting to hate this game. Please change this. 

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They can't change it as it's used as a mechanic to prevent you from getting to places you're not supposed to. Kinda like Vice city, in that respect.

Or Mexico. I haven't looked hard, but there's no way across the river and as far as I can tell from the map that came with the box Mexico doesn't exist.


I'll agree it's a bit of cheap mechanic, but it beats invisble walls. I'm looking at you Ubisoft.

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9 hours ago, Satanta said:

I've been in fast moving water twice and used Tonics bth times to keep my stamina up.

Well... Send me a postcard from Mexico when you get there.

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They could just let you drown if you get out of map like it happens with boats. 


In the riverboat poker mission cutscene you can swim much longer then you can ingame,it doesnt make much sense.


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