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Where to sell fine goods?

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When picking up some items, like Heron Plumes and Orchids, a pop-up tip says they are sought after by some traders "in the nicer parts of town." What does this mean? Where does it refer to? Also when doing the mission for Pearson to steal Alligator eggs, he says someone in Saint Denis will pay good money for them, no idea where this is either… Anyone know?

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I had to Google this myself.  Apparently later on in the story (Chapter 4, I think they said) there is a story mission that unlocks access to these collectors.  Before then, you won't be able to find them, so the pop-up notifications are basically just letting you know to hold onto this stuff for later.

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15 hours ago, Jason said:

Yea he unlocks in Chapter 4 I think. He's on the outskirts of north St Denis, in a greenhouse in a garden.

Can you please point him in a map? Like, which way on the compass do I go from Saint Denis?

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2 minutes ago, Ayesha said:

Can you please point him in a map? Like, which way on the compass do I go from Saint Denis?

This should be him.



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41 minutes ago, DentureDynamite said:

Probably a stupid question, but am I right in assuming that no-one buys herbs that you collect over time?

Don't think you can sell herbs, there are some plants you can give in to this collector guy but i haven't found a way to sell  any herbs so far.

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On 11/15/2018 at 7:21 AM, D-ru1313 said:

What if I sold it to a fence? Can I get it back or have to reload to a point before that?

You can shoot more birds for their plumage...

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JC Hammer

In Chapter 4 you will meet a man named Algernon Wasp at a party in St Dennis. After that, the Exotic challenges will be open to you. He will give you a list of plumes orchids eggs etc, everything in your satchel can be used so don't sell these prior to the mission. You should also make it a habit to constantly use eagle eye to survey your surroundings. The more you find prior to the mission the faster it will be completed. Completing the mission will get you the Exotics hat and Algernon's pistol, but this is a long grind mission.0-03.jpg

Edited by JC Hammer
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