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Who is the Most Badass R* Protagonist Ever?


Your Most Badass R* Protagonist Ever  

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  1. 1. Who is the Most Badass R* Protagonist?

    • Arthur Morgan(RDR2)
    • Trevor Philips(GTA V)
    • Franklin Clinton(GTA V)
    • Michael De Santa(GTA V)
    • Cole Phelps(LA Noire)
    • John Marston(RDR)
    • Jack Marston(RDR)
    • Luis Lopez(TBOGT)
    • Johnny Klebitz(TLAD)
    • Niko Bellic(GTA IV)
    • Jimmy Hopkins(Bully)
    • Haung Lee(GTA CTW)
    • Vic Vance(GTA VCS)
    • Toni Cipriani(GTA LCS)
    • Carl 'CJ' Johnson(GTA SA)
    • James Earl Cash(Manhunt)
    • Red Harlow(RD Revolver)
    • Tommy Vercetti(GTA VC)
    • Claude(GTA III)
    • Max Payne:The Shaved Version

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Morgan is the best,Vercetti is the most badass.He's always in control of others.Nobody can f*ck with The Harwood Butcher 😉

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Niko is the one everybody enjoyed playing the most in my opinion. Claude could be considered the most raw out of all of them with Artur being in consideration as well. So it would honestly be one of this three. 

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1. Arthur

2. Tommy

3. Niko

Edited by VenusianDream
Put Tommy in 2nd place instead of Niko.
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Mr. Bogey

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Easily Tommy Vercetti. He defected from the Mafia and wiped out his old family and took over new territory in another state. 

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13 hours ago, VankeX said:

i would probabbly say CJ

How? He always complains and acts like a bitch whenever someone like Catalina or T-Bone Mendez mistreats him 😅

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RDR John Marston. Surprised to see such low votes for him. 


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Arthur Morgan. All the characters do bad ass things a plenty, but Arthur had to do it whilst dying from Tuberculosis.

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Donald Lov

Gotta go with RDR's John. He's like a protagonist straight out of a Peckinpah film. Nothing beats that.

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