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Who is the Most Badass R* Protagonist Ever?


Your Most Badass R* Protagonist Ever  

128 members have voted

  1. 1. Who is the Most Badass R* Protagonist?

    • Arthur Morgan(RDR2)
    • Trevor Philips(GTA V)
    • Franklin Clinton(GTA V)
    • Michael De Santa(GTA V)
    • Cole Phelps(LA Noire)
    • John Marston(RDR)
    • Jack Marston(RDR)
    • Luis Lopez(TBOGT)
    • Johnny Klebitz(TLAD)
    • Niko Bellic(GTA IV)
    • Jimmy Hopkins(Bully)
    • Haung Lee(GTA CTW)
    • Vic Vance(GTA VCS)
    • Toni Cipriani(GTA LCS)
    • Carl 'CJ' Johnson(GTA SA)
    • James Earl Cash(Manhunt)
    • Red Harlow(RD Revolver)
    • Tommy Vercetti(GTA VC)
    • Claude(GTA III)
    • Max Payne:The Shaved Version

Recommended Posts


I gotta go with Niko Bellic. yES good name


Originillally I was hesitant between Niko qnd Johnny. 


At the end I chose Niko


I decided for Niko because he had no backup and he would clear a warehouse full of gangsters all on his own. That is some Chuck Norris sh*t.

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  • 2 weeks later...
Damien Scott

Niko Bellic.

Max Payne is one badass motherf*cker as well. It takes some balls to go into a police station and take out everyone in there, doesn't it? Especially if they're not regular cops but a special forces unit.




Edited by Damien Scott
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GTA 2 Claude. Manipulates several gangs to get what he wants and become the biggest criminal in the city.

Shout out to Jimmy Hopkins by the way.

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Max Payne is a mess,he's not really a badass but he does have his moments "you will walk WITH A LIMP"


Arthur and Niko are both badasses but arthur also has badass one liners(the advantage of better writing i guess)

"Maybe when your mother finished mourning your father i will keep her in black on your behalf"



Damn you




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Mr. Morgan & Niko B


Honorable Mention: Tommy V & Johnny K

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  • 9 months later...

i know my fanboyism isn't healthy, but i gotta go with my man johnny k. niko bellic comes close though

Edited by Niobium
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Toni Cipriani and Tommy Vercetti FOR SURE !!!

not that fake-ass CJ or dat douche bag Luis

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  • KEKW 2
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  • 3 weeks later...
General Kenobi

While some of these protagonists acomplishments far outclass those done by Jimmy Hopkins, we should still acknowledge just how much Jimmy was able to pull off. He was able to practically take over the school, beat people twice his size and intellect, and was able to date practically every girl in his school (not even counting the fact that they were likely older than him), outride a CAR, beat up adults, own a lighthouse, and so many more. This kid in short, was a complete badass.

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  • 6 months later...
On 11/18/2018 at 11:58 PM, Journey_95 said:

Either Niko or Arthur Morgan, rest don't come close

Vic's pretty badass to me honestly. Can handle himself like a man no matter the situation without needing to flaunt his worth.

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Arthur is, hands down, Rockstar's best protagonist, but he's not quite the full-blown badass type in my book. He can be a grade-A cutie pie at times. Max Payne is cool, but he's too depressed and drugged-out in the third game. My vote goes to RDR's John Marston. This guy will put you in your place in a very elegant fashion.

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15 hours ago, JPFL said:

Niko Bellic as well as Max Payne (1st and 2nd games) and James Earl Cash.


Honorable Mentions: Claude and Johnny.

Max Payne 1 & 2 is not a R* protagonist, the OP knew it and that's why they are not listed.

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  • 2 weeks later...

Max Payne is the most badass  because he never kills civilians and never gave up on saving Fabiana and Giovanna. Also he took out the crache preto. I hated the crache preto more than I hated Shepard from call of duty modern warfare 2

Edited by Mr x 777
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  • 2 weeks later...
Carl Theft Auto

JIMMY HOPKINS- Back in the highschool days I wished I was this guy. 


Jarl Cohnson- being the "King of San Andreas" and taking over LS looks bad-ass to me.



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Black Handkerchief

Jimmy hopkins, he is only 15 but his fighting style is like MMA, he probably can kill too if the game wasn't rated T

and i like bully game because the kids in that school has different fighting style and the their fighting styles are unique and the best

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  • 2 weeks later...

What do u mean luis is %2...it is luis mane oye arthur was a black lung 

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Niko Bellic no doubt. Arthur was a badass too but Niko seemed more dangerous

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Jimbo A.K.A Jimmy Hopkins, i always tried to be like him back when i was a high school student Lol

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  • 2 weeks later...

Need more love for James. He’s basically Claude on steroids. You just don’t f*ck with him.

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