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What I liked about RDR1’s Outfitter.


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First off, let me clarify I ain’t petitioning for the Outfitter to return in RDR2, I’m just pointing out a couple perks it had over a character creation system like in GTA Online.


In RDR1 I appreciated the ability to be able to play online as a lawman, Native American, cattle rustler, US Army, African American, etc, quickly and easily by simply changing my character model in the outfitter. It really allowed me to enjoy the wild west experiences from a ton of different role play perspectives. This wouldn’t be possible with GTA’s Online create a character system because one character can’t go from being native to African, to a white army soldier etc. The flexibility was lent there, and if RDR Online is anything like GTA Online then certain outfits won’t be available. We were NEVER allowed to play as a cop in GTA Online, so role playing in Red Dead Online as a US Marshal, Sheriff, or Army Soldier could be restricted in RDR2 unfortunately. Sure we were able to glitch the police outfit online in GTA, but Rockstar was always quick to prevent it.


Maybe Red Dead Online will allow us to have multiple characters so that we can have those options, but will we be required to level up each character individually like GTA Online? Note: GTA Online only allowed 2 characters.


I do prefer the character creation option overall because in RDR1 it was common to run into another character using the exact same character model that you were using.


I hope we can create a larger roster of personal characters in Red Dead Online compared to GTA Online’s 2 character limit. I also hope our Online rank is universal across all of our created character. I hope we have more freedom and less restrictions then GTA Online. Example:


 If we want to player as a lawman, allow us to.


If we want to play as the US Army, allow us to.


If we want to play as a Native American or US Marshal or Outlaw, PLEASE ALLOW US TO. All I’m saying is don’t restrict us to play a certain type of role.

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Outfiter was cool. Would like to see it again as a secondary option for your character.

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Custom characters and clothing all the way for me, but I see no reason not to have a wide selection of preset avatars and outfits for those who prefer not to delve too deeply into the Sims dress up aspects.

Edited by IamCourtney
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Its interesting because the gang shootouts were in context as well, which I really enjoyed it broke apart the free roam from the lobbies but yeah I think we're heading down the just go to the clothes shop route, A lot of the options to craft similar outfits are there though, I used to play as the Army a lot and happy that I can approximate it quite well with the options already available in singleplayer. I think they will add more whole 'outfits' to the outfit section of the catalogues in online, perhaps giving us a taste of RDR1's outfitter style like you say. 

RIP Rockstar Games

1998 - 2021




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I'm surprised R* doesn't do/offer more for the amount of people in the roleplaying community for their games. Hopefully that finally changes for RDR2 Online. I'm very doubtful though.

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3 hours ago, HockeyMike24 said:

I'm surprised R* doesn't do/offer more for the amount of people in the roleplaying community for their games. Hopefully that finally changes for RDR2 Online. I'm very doubtful though.

I think if a rockstar sees a way to make money off of a role play system, we could get it. The Bikers DLC is a good example. Role playing as bikers. 

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