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Render hook dont want to start the game

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Hi i did completly new install of the game setup all my mods right i even manage to make Render hook work with Projekt 2Dp or how is it called. but now when i tryed some missions with it all worked fine until second mission when i have to get new haircut that is when i get on the chair i get a bump error of audio sfx files and than when i try to open my game it wont open and give me the error and fastman limit adjuster say that it has smoething to do with bass.dll error than again when i restart my pc and put render hook in modloader again it work but again only afther i got on the cahir in barber shop than crash again with audio and same thing when i try to launch the game again it says bass.dll crash when i unninstall render hook all work fine anyone know about such issue ?

SilentPatch = 100
Load Whole Map = 99
Open Limit Adjuster =98
Fastman92 Limit Adjuster =97
NoDEP = 96
project2dfx = 94
SkyUI = 93
MixSets = 88

This is my Modloader setup i also have installed Ginput,Universal Turnlights.Widescreen Fix,Widescreen,NoDEP,Portablegta, Improved Fastloader and run.dll file all of these i have just in modloader and run.dll file i have inside my normal folder.


Render hook i have setup beatwean noDEP asi and Project2dfx and shader folder from render hook in my normal gta folder

And also i have the newetest version of asiloader,Downgraded from steam to 1.0 using downgrader in here on this sites, And i have this beta cleo libraryhttps://www.mixmods.com.br/2014/02/Livraria-CLEO.html

Fastman Limit adjuster say this 

Last File to be Loaded gta_sa.set

Last Library loaded C:/Users/Kuky/Desktop/Grand Theft Auto San Andreas/BASS.DLL

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ALL Worked perfectly fine untill that second mission when i get to cut off the hair


and also sometimes i got Audio sfx file crash dont you know enyone why ?

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Probably an issue with Renderhook, seen more people on discord with that specific issues. Not surprising since it is still a beta build.


Maybe try the mission with only Renderhook installed and see if it works.


If no issues occur it's incompatible with at least 1 of your other installed mods.

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I think it may be the widscreen but it says on mixsets sites it is compatibille with it or meybe that i have that beta cleo library ?

the thing is i want to improve the graphics but i hate enb and reshade and this is nice alternative and i also get rly nice fps and no drops with it

but more curious im is why i get sometimes those audio/SFX/ Crash

and now again i restart the computer the game startup normal go to do that mission and when i sit on the cair boom the reprot again but this time with audio bug it says this

Last file to be loaded: C/Users/Kuky/Desktop/ Grand Theft Auto San Andreas/Audio/SFX/spc_fa

Last Library loaded: Kernel32

Exception adress: 0x5d4063B7 (´´_gtarenderhook.asiˇˇ+0x663b7)


But this time i unnistall both widscreen mods

BUt no bass.dll crash this time when i try to open the game again so meybe something with audio files wrong ?

i already tought i have this bug fixed but it was in last installation this is completly new one and boom the audio bug occur again and i have no idea what it is meybe something went wrong while downgrader was on ?

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I tryied it again just to be sure so now when i deleted those two all work i can launch a game again everything works only when i try to do that mission and sit on that chair then before i get menu with her i did get the same bug no bass.dll nothing like that only this audio bug anyone knows how to repaer it ?

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so all work fine try to gamplay only until that mission and also i did got strange bug i had only police cars and bikes driving around the city wtf ?

wow this give me hadeche.

Without Render hook the missiion works

but stiill

when i load a save game i get only police cars why wtf guys someone help mee pls asap

i think i will be switching on skygfx for a while but that traffic wtf

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So guys i figure it all out it looks like Projekt2dfx and render hook dont work together only during that mission what i mean is when you have this two mods the mission will crash when you sid on chair otherwise everything else works probably some kind of bug beatwean these two mods when i have only render hook the mission works fine but when i install Projekt to it and try to do that mission it crashes

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Renderhook will probably get it's own version for lodlights somewhere down the line (probably more optimized as well).

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so i figure it out you have to disable the option in projekt2dfx in SALodLights #GenericObjectsDrawDistance = 300.0 in 
[IDETweaker] disable this and the mission and everything else works fine

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