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North American Roleplaying Community - N.A.R.C - Public Beta Server, Whitelist Days! Trained LEO, Active EMS! Custom vehicles! Join today!


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North American Roleplaying Community




NARC is a public beta FiveM roleplaying server that is dedicated to serious roleplay from all aspects (emergency services and civilians.) We have active real life LEOs in our departments so rest assured you’ll get some of the most realistic law enforcement RP you can find. We also have active streamers and recording in our community. Even as a public community, we constantly maintain active moderators and admins in the server to keep FailRP in check. We also have a whitelist and on Wednesdays and Thursdays the server goes full whitelist to offer the best possible RP experience.


Bonuses at NARC:

  • Vehicles

    • NARC has and is constantly adding custom addon vehicles.

  • Serious RP

    • At NARC, you won’t find several children running the community and departments. You’ll find staff and CoC members staying dedicated to making sure you get the best RP experience.

    • Moderators and admins are in no short supply. They are constantly on to ensure that no FailRP becomes present.

    • NARC Law Enforcement are very well trained and handle all situations in a professional manner.

  • CAD/MDT System

    • NARC has a CAD/MDT system that is used by both civilians and police to keep track of registered persons, drivers and weapons licenses, registered vehicles, warrants, active BOLOs, registered weapons, and much more.

  • Discord

    • NARC has a Discord that is actively used for community related activities.

    • NARC has a tech support section where several support staff and developers can assist with any issues you may have.

    • NARC uses Discord for departmental information and RTOs.

    • Civilians have the option to use several chill rooms and other voice rooms for their RP related activities.


Law Enforcement


The NARC community has three active departments ensuring the public safety of the citizens of San Andreas. The Los Santos Police Department, Blaine County Sheriff’s Office, and the San Andreas State Police.




Blaine County Sheriff’s Office

    • BCSO is the busiest department of the server when AOP is Blaine County. Their jurisdiction is one of the most common AOPs used. (Sandy, Harmony, and Grapeseed.) and when the AOP is Blaine County, they are considered secondary in every other jurisdiction.

    • BCSO actively patrols beautiful areas such as the Grand Senora Desert, Harmony, Sandy Shores, and Grapeseed.

    • BCSO undergoes weekly meetings and/or trainings to keep their deputies refreshed and knowledgeable of procedures and policy.


Los Santos Police Department

    • LSPD has the most real life LEOs of all departments. All their officers get trained and receive tips from actual police officers.

    • LSPD also patrols Paleto Bay when the AOP is Blaine County. If you love the ocean and the mountains, Paleto may be the place for you.

    • LSPD is the busiest department in the server when the AOP is Los Santos. They constantly deal with high-priority situations in the city and get to know the streets and areas well.



San Andreas State Police

    • The SASP maintains all interstates and highways. If a civilian likes going fast, SASP isn’t going to make their life easy.

    • SASP is often called on to assist in various areas due to their wide area of patrol and quick response times.

    • SASP also has real life LEOs. All troopers receive top of the line realistic training and advice from officers that do it everyday.



Emergency Medical Services

  • San Andreas Fire Department

    • SAFD is currently only using the EMS side of things until more activity and constant interest is shown for FD.

    • SAFD is often called to scenes by LEO for a suspect who needs medical attention.

    • SAFD medics are constantly getting the opportunity to RP very diverse medical scenes and experience a variety of patients.



  • What is expected

    • At NARC, we expect all civilians to read the server rules and abide by them.

    • We expect civs to come up with new and creative RPs to add some variety to the events going on in the server.

    • Civilians aren’t there to just get pulled over and be in jail all the time. They are there to live out their character lives. Use your imagination, be creative. You can own businesses, work for several other civs, explore hobbies, etc.

  • Whitelist

    • Only the best of the best of civilians who display constant initiative to come up with new and creative scenes will be whitelisted.

    • At NARC, we take our RP very seriously and make it a fun place to RP in. Whitelist is a way to block out any failRP, and only have trusted members play together.

    • To earn whitelist, you must be in the community and public server for one month and not be banned/kicked for failRP and related reasons. You must have proven that you have the ability to be creative, and not just repeat the same scenes over and over.


"Good roleplay is not about winning or losing. It's about creating an immersive story that is both memorable, and enjoyable for everyone involved." - North American Roleplaying Community

North American Roleplaying Community (NARC) is a serious RP server that aims for the perfect balance of Fun and Realism.

If you are interested in joining our rapidly growing family, check out us out at:
- Our Discord (Over 900 Members) : https://discord.me/narc
- Our Public Server IP:

Our community includes a wide variety of features, including:

- The Rocket CAD/MDT
- Custom add-on cars
- Custom player skins
- Custom emergency vehicle skins created by our members
- Receive expert training from real life fire/ems/police officers
- Roleplayable jobs
- Business ownerships
- Over 600 registered members and counting!

Our community has a wide range of departments with plenty of opportunity:

- Los Santos Police Department
- Blaine County Sheriff's Office
- San Andreas State Police
- San Andreas EMS
- Department of Communications
- Volunteer Police Department
- ESX Based
Check out some screenshots taken from our server!


Edited by [207] A. Pearce
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Uncle Sikee Atric

Hi there.

Please can you add your Social Club Crew link, as per the Recruitment Forum Rules.



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  • 5 months later...
  • 1 year later...

Hello.  I was banned and wanted to join again. I was just getting the hang of it. Not sure why I was banned

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