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Saving a criminal from public hanging


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If you reach gallows behind Saints Hotel in Valentine after defeating Tommy in "Americans at Rest" mission will be triggered a random event in which will be hanged a man who have killed 3 citizens is hanged. I wonder if Arthur can save him somehow or the game doesn't allow players to deliver justice in this random event.


A video showing the random event

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1 hour ago, Cutter De Blanc said:

I saw one in Rhodes, I felt like I could intervene,  but chose not to

You can shoot the rope.

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I saw one in St. Denis, I thought it was the guy whos shackles I've shot at least three times when Arthur said something like "What have you done now?" I'm not sure though, all went so fast when I arrived at the scene.

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The Queenslayer

Only hanging I have come across (non story related) was a certain bounty I had caught.

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**Possible spoilers**


Seen lots of hangings so far, a few of them are from the people you deliver as bounties to the sheriffs office and happen a few ingame days later.


The man you save who has his arm cut off gets hanged later on, the woman who keeps stabbing men in the back in valentine gets hanged even if you help her.


I freed one man who was being hanged as he was just trying to live a normal life with his family and it kinda made me think of john, so I turned up to his hanging, shot his rope and he ran free while thanking me

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