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R* Support-Human or Autoresponder....


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I have seen a lot of people with issues posting their response from R*.   They look pretty Cookie-Cutter to me 


"Shut down your machine and reboot" seems to be the standard answer.


I sent a Query to them about an issue I have due to my vision-not that I expect a company to try to bend everything around over my disability by any means but the issue might be a simple Dev setting or something I'm missing in my settings, not a big thing, not a whine or complaint because frankly, no matter how many Participation Trophies one might get in School, life is not fair and everyone is not equal and I do not have a 'Safe Closet' with stuffed animals, crayons and Tide Pods for snacking. :D


So R*'s answer was pretty cookie cutter-did not even go with the question as far as a response:


" We apologize for all the inconvenience you had to go through. Unfortunately, we currently don't have an option to disable it. We thank you for sending us your feedback! We always enjoy hearing from fans and we really appreciate that you took time to write us and share your thoughts.

If you have any other query, please don't hesitate to contact us. "


Really?  Disable what sonce I asked about Enabling or changing something on my end.   Come on guys-cookie cutter is fine for a lot f things as you are going to have millions with the same issues asking the same questions but even a robot can match text and determine if the response just needs to be "Reboot" or if a person needs to look it over and determine if there is a solution.

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R* Support is human although they probably know as much you do when it comes to bug fixes and additional settings for accessibility. I reported the game breaking invisible Arthur bug to them and they gave me the same generic solutions: "Restart PS4", "Clear Cache", "Arthur's weight" etc.
When I replied back telling them their solutions didn't work, all they told me was "we are looking into it... sorry for the inconvenience... I hope you understand."
Asked them when a patch was coming and they had no idea either. Can't really blame them though R* should be communicating with their support team so they can actually help people.

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