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If you see Jack , Abigal and Sadie in camp your good?

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Because I started playing today and didnt see them in camp when i started chapter 2 , so I quit and went to look up where they were and found out about this bug which I may have done because I did the Uncle mission and i remember dieing but not if it was in 1st chapter or 2nd. So i turn they game back on and all 3 are in camp . So I should be good? At what point do you get the fishing mission from Jack? Because i have done 2 or 3 missions in chapter 2 and it hasnt come up yet, Would make me feel a lot better if it did lol.

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I think the bug only affects them in terms of interacting with them in free roam, not stopping you from beating the game.


That being said your best bet is to probably turn off autosave or make a manual save after every mission (AFTER checking that they're still in the camp). The fishing mission is about halfway into chapter 2. It unlocks after beating the missions "Pouring Forth Oil" and "A Quiet Time". You'll know it's there when you get an "A" symbol on your map.

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It doesn’t make a difference at all to the overall gameplay 


It could make a difference if you’re chasing the Errand boy trophy but other than that just carry on!

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Cutter De Blanc

I'm in Chapter 4 and Abigail and Molly are missing, they have been since Jack's party

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