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So the cars, bikes,motorcycles is coming?

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The Holy Diver
1 minute ago, ALifeOfMisery said:

You couldn't fly a hover bike in GTA V SP, yet the Oppressor MK2 is still, unfortunately, a thing in GTAO.

Perhaps. There’s simply no foundation for it is what I mean to say. Cars were intended to be used by the player in the original Red Dead. When I got the game so many years ago and looked into the manual, there were actually instructions on how to drive it. Of course, operable automobiles were taken out of the game. 

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I’ll just wait and see. If sh*t becomes too stinky, I’ll just stay away from their micro transactions completely, even for things I like and only play with friends with similar interrest. 

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I think I have said it three times at least now but as long as cars are balanced and slower than Horses they will never be the best item. They will be a trophy and nothing else, hell they could even spawn an entire subculture in the game.

They will be slow and cumbersome, terrible off-road and have no agility. Does that really sound like something that will upset the balance of the game? Or would a Horseman decimate? Imagine XxXY0LOBigDickXxX trying to keep with his hyperactive friends in a car like I described.

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^^ Exactly--some of those tight, winding mountain passes especially are tough enough for a horse.


A motorcycle could actually be the most threatening vehicle in the game in terms of potential maneuverability and speed (knowing Rockstar's bad habit of embellishing DLC content).

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It's important to note that the Companion app has no references to a "Vehicle" class whatsoever. Just horses/carriages. So any "vehicles" that may be added will be nothing more than a horseless carriage...which is exactly how vehicles used to work, so don't expect anything crazy (if anything at all).

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It would be cool if they add the hot air balloon from single player. its pretty sweet to just fly above the map.

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I think we will get a bicycles and tandems at some point. 

A car? maybe couple years later... after aliens vs cowboys / undead nightmare dlc

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