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Photo Mode - Rant/Request


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Hey Rockstar! 


You did a good job at authenticity by allowing us to use a camera from the exact era we are playing in. However, you created a beautiful and vast world that needs to be captured and shared in a much more advanced method. 


Now before anyone gets butthurt, I am a purest with games and immersion. But having to put a camera on the ground for a selfie just ruins most back drops. There isn't much fuctionality with that camera as you all well know. 


Rockstar just needs to add a built in photomode in my opinion. Having the camera shoot the sky behind you on a mountain top instead of the majestic ridge and waterfall behind you really leaves a gran canyon to be desired with photos. 


It would be greatly appreciated, Rockstar. 




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35 minutes ago, Vancien said:

Rockstar just needs to add a built in photomode in my opinion.

Most players still expect the Rockstar Editor to be added in an update to fill this void.

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Theres cinematic mode which looks stunning and makes for some beautiful shots. We've never had anything like this in a Red Dead game before! Maybe we will get an advanced photo mode in the future...who knows.

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7 minutes ago, RayD70 said:

I just want a tintype filter.


we just need old-timey filters like the ones on the loading screen 

- predicting it will be in RDO day 1 lol 

RIP Rockstar Games

1998 - 2021




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