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Why is the wanted system so flawed...?


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Red Dead Redemption 2 is an amazing game, but the wanted system is horrible... Seriously, it's the one thing that ruins this game for me....
Walking down the busy street in Saint Denis, minding my own business. Guy infront of me randomly spins around and says "Stop following me before I put a hole in your head." So I turn around and start walking the other way, the guy then decides to pistol whip me in the head as I'm walking off, I end up knocking him out, then poof, I'm wanted for assault and the dude that threatened to kill me & attacked me first gets nothing at all? What...?
Few minutes later, I'm walking down the street again, guy walks out of a store and bumps into me, then I get wanted for assault again? After HE bumped into ME?!
Like WTF Rockstar Games?!
How can you make such an amazing game, and then have the wanted system completely f*cked up?
It's IMPOSSIBLE to play how you want to play, I'm aiming to play as the good guy (Or as good as you can be as an outlaw) but it's almost as if the game is forcing me to be a bad guy, wtf is up with this.... it's infuriating. I get that it's the wild west, but still, it's too much. There's no way in hell it was like that in those days. 
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Wait, whut?   You mean you do not like being constantly cussed at, attacked and assaulted then taking the blame for it?  [[Reminds me of my Childhood.  :D   Ah, the Good Old Days.  Sigh.  :D]]


Yeah, a lot of us feel you.I've said the same thing-while I'm not wanting to be an Angel it feels like the game is intentionally leading you to be a Bad Guy [[Beyond normal Bad Guy stuff someone like Arthur might do anyway into the 'Let's dig up that pretty dead girl and marry her for a night!" stuff then punishes you for it.


Bump into someone?  WANTED!


Look at someone?  WANTED?


Fart too loudly....  WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE!

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Just keep these rules in mind when playing:

  • Civilians can't identify Arthur with a mask/bandana so when they report the crime it is "Unknown Suspect".
  • If the law ever sees you or engages you in combat, you will be identified as "Arthur Morgan" doesn't matter what clothes you wear. I've seen people here claim that the law will not be able to identify Arthur if he uses clothing/horses he's never used before, but in my experience that is not the case. I have sniped people in Valentine wearing a sack mask + outfit I have never used before and the law still managed to identify Arthur from far away.  
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I've been randomly bumping into people for an hour. I'm not getting a wanted level for it. Maybe you have low honor?


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Its a hell with the wanted system ...im most now not go in skt denies ...a lady behind me crys thats im stare of her ...im going further to gunshop without to seeing her and shes cries again and the policemans attacks me while now wanted ...you can not take 20 steps in this town without trouble

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On 11/11/2018 at 7:11 PM, Vanzant said:

I've been randomly bumping into people for an hour. I'm not getting a wanted level for it. Maybe you have low honor?

I have my honor maxed out, so thats not the issue lol

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i hate when you goto get on your horse and you instead strangle someone. one thing i hate about rockstar games, there Public Relations and response to fanfeedback & patches is irrelevant. they never patch stuff rarely and they never EVER listen to fans and fix what we complain about (this is why CDPR will ALWAYS be #1 Devs in my book) Quality > Quantity 

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