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weird bug

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Ive noticed while playing on win 10, that the unhandled exception error kinda gone..(knock on the wood) lol.. but instead it left behind a weird issue like stucking on the load screen and even the alt+ctrl+delete cant do anything. Even the windows button can't minimize down the game which makes a full restart of the pc.. Not even alt+tab can do anything..like it opens the currently opened windows. but won't let me select anything..my pc is toshiba laptop..with DDR ram 3, with nice graphics card..although its not a gaming laptop but its more or less good. no lag, except for this weird sort of crash which makes me restart the pc fully..Does any1 else experience such thing?

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Evil empire

Did you activate the compatibility with XP service pack 2?


EDIT: My bad I also use the XP SP 2 compatibility 55.gif

Edited by Evil empire

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yes its enabled. but with service pack 2..

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I did actually experience something similar, my game just sometimes freezes up when I select a save/press the start new game button. I have no idea of what causes it though, but it is a giant annoyance for a person that plays vice city regularly

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Lennart -

What you explained is pretty common actually. What I recommend is instead of shutting down the PC, press ctrl+alt+del, open the task manager and use the up & down arrows to navigate to VC (not responding) and press del again. This will close VC 100% of the time.

You can also keep the task manager open on another desktop so you can actually see what you are doing. (Getting to the other desktop is easier when the task manager is already opened there because once you start the task manager from the ctrl+alt+del menu, Windows puts you on said desktop automatically)

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Posted (edited)

@Lennart - Ive tried like u said but when i press ctrl+alt+del it responds but then when i select task manager it brings back to VC..and doesnt do anything..thats why i have to fully restart..and ive noticed that it happens mostly when the mouse is unresponsive from the start..i close VC, restart it but even then it does that too..when i tried to go ahead with this unresponsive mouse bug the save doesnt load. it brings the purple line which loads the save and stucks in the middle. ive even tried to like log out and as if i try from the other user lol..eveb tho theres only 1 user..and it still does that..so the only solution is to restart the pc..

Edited by MrAlexxV

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Lennart -

If the mouse is unresponsive, you need to run it in compatibility mode. 

But yes, the task manager method works fine. When you have started the task manager, you automatically select the task manager. VC may be blocking your screen but you can still use your keys to operate the task manager. 

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