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GTA VI Release Date Spoiler Found?!?


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As we near the end of 2018, following the release of Red Dead Redemption 2, Rockstar's first release since GTA V in 2015, I thought I'd poke fun at the people who claim they know when GTA VI is coming out, blah blah blah [*cough* Sernandoe *cough*].


Anyhow, in the picture I linked, you can see a "EXP. 6/19" written on the Flare (weapon).

Judging by Rockstar's history where they continually released games year-after-year, up until GTA V, maybe this is evidence they plan to re-continue the old tradition?


Obviously, the chances of it being connected to anything other than fitting '6' and '9' onto something are little to none. Though, feel free to make your own conclusions.

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V came out in 2013 not 2015...

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He probably meant v pc release as in lcs mobile and v pc were 2015, last releases before rdr2 2018

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It is true up until V games were released every few years it seems especially expansion packs. After lll came Vice City, San Andreas and others. Then in 2008 was IV then packs with TBOGT and TLAD. 5 years later V came out in 2013, the rise of Online. Just awhile back was a ''rumor'' spoiler of 6 for location(s), progtagonist(s). Nothing since or in between and then news was ''being glad not releasing VI today.'' In a way it's kind of a break not having a GTA game out between V's release and now. When VI does come out, maybe more cities can be explored in the way of expansions but Online will certainly be a component.

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June 2019 is way too early, normally when Rockstar uploads the teaser trailer for a big project (like RDR and GTA) the game is 2 years away from its launch. RDR2 1st trailer was uploaded on 20th October 2016, launched on 26th October 2018... GTA V was announced on 1st November 2011, it came up on 17th September 2013.

If it's in the game files since the day one, IMO that date is irrelevant, in 5 years many many things changed. More plausible a 1st trailer in 2020 and the release in 2022.

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They would never release there top selling franchises in June. It's always a couple or so months before christmas holidays and around Q4 earnings. If they miss that release date they would probably push it out another year. 

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It wouldn't be released in June. GTA would only be in, like, the march to may or september to november windows. These are the big times when people are hunkering down for winter/up for games, and leading in to spring is cabin fever big spending on entertainment to cure that cabin fever. The other months are lossy for a game GTA's size/popularity.


Announcement? Sounds about right, lined up for a 2021 release, 2 years advance announcement, matches V being announced in 2011. It's possible that it's just the expiration date of the prop for detail's sake, but I won't be surprised if there is more to it, and we will know what June/19 is, in June/19.

Edited by JuliusCaesar
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Maybe an announcement for a new GTA, or a release date/announcement for a new R* game in general, but not VI's release, announcement might be the most logical

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