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Secret drug dealers in Viceport?

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Hello everyone. I want to ask about a (possible) secret feature in the game that I (think I) saw almost ten years ago. Note: this secret may not be true. Like I told you, it was a long time ago, so maybe I'm remembering it wrong. However, I remember too many details not to be true. Let's begin.

There was an article in the spanish GTA Wiki between 2008 and 2010 named "Traficantes de Vice City" (Drug Dealers in Vice City). That article said that there were drug dealers in Viceport, where the exchange of the introduction took place. In one of the platforms close to the big black ship, there would be some pedestrians standing still. If you stood close to them, you'd lose 5000$. I checked it and it was true. I remember it was true. I tried to repeat it during more recent gameplays, but I couldn't . Does this secret really exist or it's a false memory? Can someone check it in the game files or during gameplay? Thank you, and sorry for my english. Again.

Edited by Motorik

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This is just fake, and maybe you're confusing it with something else or you've dreamed it. It seems to be another well made internet rumour as those videos in youtube from 2007-2008 with mysteries like big foot in San Andreas. This doesn't exist in any platform: PS2, PC or Xbox... even the mobile version. If you remember something like that was a mod or a bootleg/modified copy, who knows.

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