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Missing characters? (Minor early spoilers)

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During the the party scene after you rescue Sean....some characters are sleeping but i could not find Jack or Sadie amongst it. John and Abigail were there but Abigail was in her tent alone.


Was Jack and Sadie meant to be there? Ive googled this but got hints at major spoilers.


Sorry for my lack of bbcodes...my phone doesnt have right symbols.

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I have no seen that party-heard Dutch mention it but could not find it so went to bed, however, since the Sadie mission going into town I've not seen her, Jack, Abby or john in camp but it is an apparent glitch.  Not doing a Mission with Uncle until you have them in the save game right before apparently solves it.

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Thanks for your response, but its not the gamebreaking glitch that im talking. Initially i played up to Blessed are the Meek with the glitch, and there was no John., Abigail, Jack or Sadie at all at the camp, so i restarted my campaign.


Both times, after i did the The First Shall be the Last mission, i went back to camp, and there was a celebration where you basically wonder around camp and interact and cool stuff happens. The first time, the four glitched characters were not present (as well as Lenny cause i didnt do a Quiet Time), the second time, John and Abigail are present but Jack and Sadie are not there. Jack and Sadie reappear in the morning and commenr about Sean.




Im curious to know if other people experienced the scene with Jack or Sadie. Its a pity you went to sleep as you should waited a little.

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