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Barnie Spacullie

Can't find a Role Play server for you

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Barnie Spacullie

We are forming a coalition of Grinders and players that simply like to play in character amongst other like minded people. 

Tired of being shot on sight?

Tired of trying to enjoy smuggling/drug/ import ect missions with your friends without super vehicles blowing you up across the map? 

Do you want to fight people with the actual guns that seem appropriate? (I mean imagine how fun an actual revolver duel would be in the middle of a strip club brawl)  

Are you tired of having to kiss the feet of some Discord owner because they think their server makes them Steven Spielberg?

Lets discuss a midway RPG gaming format that can be played for all of us like minded players that just want to run our illegal business with some realism. We can start servers, and literally beef with each other but know that at the end of the day no one will stoop to using Oppressors or homing launchers. I encourage anyone to contribute any ideas for rules, however anyone that decides to affiliate with us won't be asked to do anything weird like pretend GTA money doesn't exist, or not be aloud to run a red light..... we are criminals.... motivated by money. Not sim characters.  Unless it is in your character however we don't want to see a bunch of face painted, weirdos trying roll with us, because we will flat out do the same thing we would irl if someone wearing a clown mask, or puppy face paint tried to hang out with us.... we would say gtfoh. We don't want to see people driving supercars they cant even handle with out crashing, or see people using guns that simply don't fit the occasion (like did you really bring a grenade to a drug deal?) We don't want to hang with players that shoot out the car when we are obviously strolling or trying to blend in. We expect maturity but at the end of the day this is a game, and we mostly want to connect players together who want a chance at playing a game how they want to play it. I ask that as many people comment or at least like if they agree so we can gain some traction. 

DROP INFO----------------------- 

Psn: spaceculturejordi

Real age: 22

Rpg character type: mobster/cartel

Ideas: we make a secondary crew to make joining servers easier, and allow us to have our own chat channel

Looking for:other people willing to grind our businesses, but still enjoy the style of organized mafia fashion. 



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Barnie Spacullie

Rules for closed server (an invite only/ friend lobby/ or controlled public lobby)
To avoid using things like Discord, and other third party communication apps, we will utilize the many channels of chat in the server interactions menu. (Friends, crew, organization ect)
If you are a part of an opperation legal, or not you must affiliate with an organization (ceo, vip, mc or have your own crew)
All police, emegency services and authority must be in one organization. This way you can all communicate amongst yourselves for good police work.
Now, "everyone chat" will be meant for quick interactions amongst different factions or groups not sharing the same channel of speach. So if you get pulled over, you and the officer would be switching to organization chat->to everybody. Do not stay on everyone chat, and learn how to swich between chats for more fluid gameplay.
In a private or closed lobby we encourage you to turn off or reduce to blips on mini map. However if you are doing runs or business we totally get that the mission often requires you needing it. It is important that you are not just trolling people for interactions, and if someone (especially a criminal) feels you are following him it is perfectly within reason for them to blow your noodles out. We encourage realism while enjoying the game so being the eccentric mobster with the stupid face paint, or the dumb clown mask on a grove street baller will likely not fly with your companions, so please dress the part. No gangster, or cop would ever stroll through the area with a guy in a monkey mask. Also some players join to collect great game footage for videos, so dressing like an idiot could really ruin someones atmosphere. This also goes with using O.P weopans and vehicles that somone in your life style would never own or ride. Yes, that means get your oppresors out of our servers please.
We are not going to kick you for running red lights, and not parking perfectly, but if you drive with no sense of "i want to keep my car looking good, or i dont want to die in a head on collision" then do not expect people to befriend you, because you will be a major vibe killer. Which brings me to my next point.
Dont kill the vibe:
You and your new rp companions hop in your old school low rider, and drive to the desiginated drug deal, strolling slowly through the dangerous streets of Davis. The new guy jumps in the back seat and already bashes out your windows with his uzi, and begins spraying the npc in the area getting your nice low rider swissed cheesed in gang memever bullets. That is a perfect example of killing the vibe. Or how about you and your fellow VIPS, pull up to the night club after a long day of grinding, only to have your new memember shoot up the line of customers to your own night club. Is that sticking to the program of your friends, or are you just a childish kid waiting to squeeze R2 when ever you can?
The concept of certain RPG servers using fake money, made me, and a lot of other players step back and refrain from getting to involved. FAKE MONEY? IN A GAME ALL ABOUT MAKING MONEY? There are plenty of ways to make real gta money a substantial part of your RPG expierence. Some may say "you are just bot being imaginative enough."
No, I and a lot of others come from Arma 3 Altis life, we used to voyage to red circles on huge map just "pick drugs" wich was really standing in KOS zone, so no we have imagination lol. However i and my buddy came up with an interesting way to involve actual income payments for player to player. (Many of you know these methods)
1. The swap. Customize a non-personal vehicle that you can give to other players to sell. We can RP these to also symbolize money, payments, or products being placed in cars.
2. SIGHTSEER! Are you a mob boss, or simply someone in debt. Quickly register as CEO, and hire the person you wish to pay. Then go and do a sightseer on your own (very fast and easy and minimum of $22k) and get that person paid.
3. Trade products like ammo, weopans, snacks, and bullsharks. (All of these things can easily be made to symbolize different things. Like perhaps you want to be corner store drug dealer, so you use Brucie's bull sharks to be your coke Product. Or you can sell and trade off business battle goods. Another big method of currency we do is work. You can work for someone as payment as well. We also have no problem with players leaving the session to go complete a heist or mission together.

A Balanced Combat:
Rpg balanced combat is probably one of hardest things to make fair on all sides.
Here is how we plan on bringing balance to our servers and sessions.
What does that mean? If someone has their hands up, and is complying or in no possible way can pull out a gun you can not blantantly murder them, unless the murder was a role played as a contract killing or something. This also gives people the oppurtunity to perhaps try to draw their pistols (which is totally fair) however still gives the person originally aiming an advantage that they should technically have. (I want everyone to be able to do what ever interaction actions they want, but we may ask that people have jazz hands on ready) This also allows for more intricate rp expierence like kidnappings, robbiers, or stick ups.
EXPLOSIVES MUST BE RP'D into the mix. You can not go around just throwing sticky bombs. But say your enemy mob boss is leaving the strip club, or a judge is leaving a business meeting. Its 100% within organized crime rp to set up a car bomb.
OK THIS RULE IS UNDER DEBATE but we really want feedback. So if you get into a fight with someone, and kill them with a stronger weapon, say you murdered them with a Ak47, and they had a pistol, despite they challeged you with a pistol first that player has a right to challenge you to a Death Match. The loser of the Death match must follow NLR( new life rule) and go into passive mode (or make it apparants they are fleeing if passive is unavailable) and leave the area, not aloud to strike back within 10 real minutes. If you challenge someone to a duel, ( and no it does not always have to be verbally decided) with the same branch of guns, say AR vs Ar, or pistol against pistol that person can nto Death Match you and must follow NLR, seeing they died fairly the first time.
Drive bys, ambushes and gang wars must be iniatated somehow. Even if its a text or sending a messenger. Warning shots are aloud at enemy gangs or non affialates however, if that person is a tough guy themselve they may not take it as a warning.
Police are not admins, and if they abuse their powers call them out. They can never shoot someone with their hands up under any circumstance. Police will be asked to allow Rp criminals that can actually talk their way out of penalaties to be leanient allowing for an iniative for criminals to actually pull over and for it not to be the same old shoot out evertime. Depending on the people playing or online you can decide if you want to make a jail system, or a fine system, but i thought about making murders with stronger guns be more of a crime. (Like if you shoot someone with a pistol down with your carbine, you will do more time, then if you used a pistol.)
Griefing is not NOT aloud. You can grief, only we have a few strict rules. You must wear a mask or some robbery clothes when griefing. Wearing a mask on our servers is a tale tale sign that someone is up to something shady, and for that reason we REQUIRE IT when you are griefing or looting other gangs. You can not grief with super vehicles or anything with homing launchers. You can not grief a sell, only collecting supply. Due to the ammount of equipment needed to sabatoge a gun runner, its adviced just to avoid griefing those transactions.
In order to creat a coupe (start a civil war) you need atleast 6 people, and a police force on. When full on war is on, the only vehicle not aloud is oppresors and Deluxos. (Unrealistic cars) tanks, planes, jets, and full on war gear is aloud, however the coupe must have a legit goal, damands and must be declared in a way that the whole sessiom would know.
Cops can carry out bounty missions and others for side work. If you wish to kidnap an npc, the Maude bounties are great NPC's to do hostage sitiuations over. Anybody can act as a lawyer for their partner if they are servimg jail. If you are a criminal boss, amuse your workers with giving them some background on why they are doing what they are doing. Maybe you are doing an asset recovery sp you roll play in, that a client had his car taken by police and you need to steal it back before its used as evidence.
Unlike a lot of other Rp communities we will not get worked up if you want to change your play style for a day. So if you are normally a store clerk, or a taxi driver, but you can not seem to find any work, or anyone to interact with feel free to run to the clothing store and try a different roll for a day. Maybe today you want to be a cop. Or everyone is having fun doing some gangster stuff, so you want to run to the wardrobe and throw on your Gangster clothes too.... go ahead!!!! Its a f'ing game, not a real life.
Controlling public lobbies:
More often then private lobbies you will find much of us are just in clusters of about 5 or 6 operating on low pop public lobbies so that we can still carry out our illgal businesses. It is very important that we are very active on any kicking needed. We will need to kick any trolls or tryhard that joinand it will require team work and fast acting in order to mainitain server majority. Any players that join and have no interest in messing with us will be explained that they must kick anyone else who joins along side us if they want a safe place to run their business.

Ive been debating making a crew for this so that we can easily meet up at ease, however i do not think it is fair for me to ask you to change or add a crew that you had not part in creating. Thats why i am all for suggestions.
If you have joined and tried to find servers for RP but never found one for you, we may be the midway option.
Drop your psn and please i would love your feedback. This is something me and about 4 other players decided on would bring balance to RP on Gta PS4.
Thank you, and please help me make this get known.

PS. To any rp server host, please do not take our reaching out personal. You can even come recruit people in the comments of this thread idc, im just trying to give people like me an option and a way to find eachother.

Holy cow i never realized i had been putting Spaceculturejordi instead of spaceculturejord 

Psn: spaceculturejord

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Barnie Spacullie

Once again Psn: spaceculturejord 



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Barnie Spacullie

Started a crew, and a community of grinder/rpers 

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