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The Great Train Robber

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Urban Legends

The guards have a line of sight the entire train so your noticed pretty early. Crouch behind a seat far in the back and pull out your. Binoculars...


You can see all the way to the front... As the train bends around corners everything is plain as day... 

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I can't believe how many of you haven't used the tunnel that is in Ambarino. Buy a train ticket to annesburg and just get off and get back on real quick and sit down it will let you. Then wait til you hit the darkest longest enclosed tunnel midway through the Ambarino territory. Get up as you're coming up on it or as soon as you enter it climb up top a carriage and run to the engineer KILL him....he can't not survive no witnesses is key here so its lots of dishonor this way but no bounty at all. Next stop train before its gets close to exit (everything should be pretty dark when done right) and kill guards and rob all passengers as you kill guards then turn around each carriage and kill passengers and loot them...this creates x2 loot from them. Loot gaurds. Blow up all safes and hit chests only the cabinets are so useless in my mind. Leave with train or by foot. There is no witnesses nor chance of law because of the tunnel being so long it doesnt matter if you wear a mask you're in the clear if everything is done as I described. You have on hand anywhere from $100-300 everytime and then go hit the fence and make another $50-100 its worth the $2-10 train ticket I love the rush and adventure of it. Trains are very rob-able and buying a train ticket gived you pure passenger trains so there's more safes more loot and robbing ppl opportunities. Good luck and be the best outlaw ever known to man.

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