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Create your own story with Last of the West! RDR 2 RP Community

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Get in early before the release of RDR 2 Online! Talk about the game, text RP to set up your character, form your gang, or just hang out!


We are a roleplay community that allows you to become whatever you want. We offer your character to be business owners, outlaws, lawmen, or normal citizens. If you can think of it we will try to help you accomplish it. We are a build from scratch RP community though. You will be given the opportunity to pick from 3 starter kits to get your character started.


Why should you want to join us? I helped run a GTA V RP community (Life in Los Santos) for about 3 years now and we want to bring the same experience to RDR 2. We use bots and google docs to expand the RP past the limitations of the game. They let us have our own currency, simulate businesses, have mayors/laws, set up gangs, etc. We will always try to adapt to the game and members to create a fun and fair experience for everyone.


What if I am new at RP? We want to welcome new roleplayers. With the way we set it up it is more like playing a new game rather than roleplaying from scratch. Yes there will be character to character interactions. But as long as the rules are followed the RP should happen pretty naturally. If you would like help with your RP skills, we also have staff that are more than happy to help you.


If you would like to check us out visit https://zreich4.wixsite.com/experincegaming or if you have any questions please message me or comment below!


Also everything is getting filled out and is subject to change. Our plan is to be completely ready by the time RDR 2 Online is launched.

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Age Group? I don’t wanna play with squeakers lol

Edited by djb204

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PS4? Xbox? Or both?... I'm interested, I used to play SAMP back in the day and might be up for giving this a go.

Edited by HockeyMike24
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Sorry for the super late response. We are on both consoles and with the beta tomorrow we are gaining some traction. As of now we just hit 30 members and counting. We do not have an age limit so we can not guarantee no squeakers.  

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