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i actually like deadeye2 over 3 and 4 and i know some even like deadeye1 the most

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can you choose your deadeye perk?


deadeye1 (de1) is actually the best for a fast reaction. you can easily tag alot of enemies with one move. 


de2 is very good of course, but would be better if holding r1/rb would result in the same fast autoselection as de1 does.


i am using deadeye for single headshotting via r2/rt, so de2 was perfect for me. with de3 i now have to press r3 after every shot. thank you game! what a step up!


deadeye4 is just making deadeye ugly. i can find the head myself!! thankyou!


i thougt the last deadeye would let you kinda auto aim through the critical spots. like i thought i saw in the trailer. 



i would love to pick my own deadeye lvl !!

Edited by iddqdvie

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Since I unlocked that level where simple shooting from dead eye doesn't cancel it, I don't use marking mechanic at all so I don't really mind, you also cancel dead eye when you stop aiming so you don't have to press R3 all the time... But yes, it would be nice to have an option to chose dead eye level you like the most and I agree that weak spots are pretty useless. Even if you hit it (except the head), they don't die or bleed out... maybe I am just bad but I still have to hit them at least twice with revolvers. 

Edited by Jedster

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