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GTA San Andreas mod script idea/question

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Hi guys. I didn't really know where to post this topic, so I hope I've posted it in the right subforum. If not, by all means, admins can move it to a more suitable subforum.


This is more of an idea for a CLEO script that I've had in my head for years, but never bothered to post it anywhere, I don't even know why I've waited this long. I'm almost 100% sure it still doesn't exist and it's a shame that it doesn't. If it does, please post the link to it, it would be almost like a dream come true for me. But, in case it doesn't, here goes...


This script/mod idea would probably be a dream come true not only for me, but for every car guy when it comes to GTA SA. And it's about ''recording'' the driving route of a player and then spawning an NPC(s) who would drive according to the ''recording''. Let me explain it in depth.


I'm talking about a script that would need to enable the player to get into any car he wants, press a key (let's say F10 or whatever) and then record the player driving from point A to point B, no matter how long and then when he's finished, stop the ''recording'' by pressing the same key again. Now, I know there is a feature in a Design Your Own Mission mod that let's the player get in the car and create route points that the NPC's can then follow and that is the closest thing to the mod idea I have, but it's not what I'm talking about. I'm not talking about creating/recording route points for the NPC to follow because those route points get bugged, the NPC doesn't really follow them like intended etc. I'm talking about actually recording the player's driving, the actual movements, the entire dynamic driving style, everything and then have the NPC re-drive the route the exact same way the player did. It's like a ghost ride, but obviously the NPC's car wouldn't be transparent, it would be rather touchable, but crashing into it would be like crashing into a wall or whatever, you wouldn't be able to affect it.


I don't know why this doesn't exist. I'm hesitant to believe it's impossible to make this because an old game for PS1 called Crash Team Racing had a player's NPC ghost in the Time Trial section being able to drive at the same time the player is driving the course. Player's NPC ghost was a ''recording'' of the player's best course time he ever managed to accomplish at that particular course. The player was able to drive the course, but at the same time monitor where he's faster or slower than his best time based on the ghost who was also there, replicating the actual player's best time trial. So, if that was possible to create back then, how can it be impossible on these games? A snip of my idea is in the GTA SA game itself, in that mission where CJ and Cesar steal two cars from that car dealership in San Fierro. We can see Cesar driving like a player rather than an NPC and if you get close to him, you can't move him or anything.


So, I'm asking, is it possible to make something like this as I have some custom race tracks/maps for GTA SA and I'd like to record some videos of scripted races against a competent NPC if you understand what I'm saying. I tried doing that using an NPC in Design Your Own Mission mod, but the NPC either gets stuck without any reason, doesn't follow the route like intended or simply doesn't drive like I would or an actual player would. The NPC doesn't use a handbrake, he doesn't slam on the brakes and his driving speed doesn't vary so it looks ridiculous. I would appreciate any responses regarding this.


Here is a video that I made some time ago where I tested this in Design Your Own Mission mod and it's pretty much the best thing I could come up with, but it's too slow and too mechanic as the NPC is… an NPC, restricted up to his eyeballs. I had to let go of the gas almost every second because the NPC's ''aggressive'' driving is slower than my normal driving. Not to mention his constant bumping in anything and everything in his path even though the route points couldn't be farther away from those places the NPC managed to hit anyway which then made his doors fly open like he's driving a damn bird.




Edited by Jimmy_Leppard

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Not a big deal, but it needs to import carrec.rrr into carrec.img


It contains 2 cleo script and a readme.txt


copy carrec.cs into GTASA\CLEO - folder
copy NPC_CAR_ON_CARREC_PATH.cs into GTASA\CLEO - folder


press Backspace to record path

press again Backspace to stop recording

close the game and put CARREC900.RRR into carrec.img
find these files inside GTASA\data\Paths - folder
don't forget to rebuild archiv

start game and go to street

press Tab + Q to spawn the NPC car infront of player

a red marker on radar shows the car

car disappear if path drive is finished
you can also cancel the drive by key_press 0 (zero)

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You are a God. Thank you very much!

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@ZAZ By the way, I just tested it, it works perfectly. Only one question. The script spawns Infernus by default every time. Is there any way I can change the car it spawns to any I want?

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Can you edit and compile the script by yourself?

If not, then read here and learn it



at script beginn the setup for the models

[email protected] = 411// 	infernus // < --- vehicle model ID
[email protected] = 234// SWMOCD // < --- ped model ID
[email protected] = 900 // < --- carrec path

change vehicle id number 411 with the id of your desired vehicle

Below the NPC_CAR_ON_CARREC_PATH script

{$CLEO .cs}
thread 'NPCAREC'

1@ = 411// 	infernus // < --- vehicle model ID
2@ = 234// SWMOCD // < --- ped model ID
3@ = 900 // < --- carrec path

while true
wait 0
        0256:   player $PLAYER_CHAR defined
        077E: get_active_interior_to 0@
        if  and
            0@ == 0
            0AB0:   key_pressed 9// 	tab key
            0AB0:   key_pressed 81// 	q key
            gosub @carspawn
            wait 500 
            05EB: assign_car 4@ to_path 3@         
            33@ = 0

            while Player.Defined($PLAYER_CHAR)
            wait 0
                if  or
                    0AB0:   key_pressed 48// 	0 key  (ZERO)
                    860E:  not car 4@ assigned_to_path


            //00BA: show_text_styled GXT 'fem_off' time 1000 style 4
            gosub @cleanup
            wait 1000        

0247: request_model 1@
0247: request_model 2@
07C0: load_path 3@
038B: load_requested_models
04C4: store_coords_to 11@ 12@ 13@  from_actor $PLAYER_ACTOR with_offset 0.0 8.0 1.2
00A5: 4@ = create_car 1@ at 11@ 12@ 13@
0224: set_car 4@ health_to 20000
0129: 5@ = create_actor  24 2@ in_car 4@ driverseat
0186: 6@ = create_marker_above_car 4@
018B: set_marker 6@ radar_mode 2
0249: release_model 1@
0249: release_model 2@

0873: release_path 3@
0164: disable_marker 6@
009B: destroy_actor 5@
00A6: destroy_car 4@


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Thanks. I'll see what I can do :colgate:

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