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Would Like To See RockStar Create A Fallout Type Game

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Considering Bethesda is a complete f*ck up. The Post Apocalyptic has the foundation for R* humor to be implemented, also their design (looking at you RDR2 ❤️) I believe they could turn the Chonra into a damn good game, also nab the Fallout community since looking for a good alternative after Bethesda f*cked it up.


Fan since Fallout Original to Tactics. Not a fan of Bethesda running it into the ground. Fallout 4 was a semi alright attempt & I could see it was like how GTA went from top down to third person & it could work but Bethesda couldn't maintain it. If anyone can do it properly, it's R*. ❤️


It could open up another Flag ship? 



PA (Post Apocalyptic)


The Post Apocalyptic Chonra is like an open sand box (to a degree) for R* creativity. 


GTA & RDR they're stuck in Crime, or West & basing it around semi realistic. Where Post Apocalyptic gives R* a bit of a "sandbox" (Deathclaw type things etc?). 

Edited by Bleep%

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I'm not sure. Fallout seems more expansive and RPG than GTA ever was - the only thing similar between them is that they're both (to different degrees) open-ended.

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R* stick to reality. They have a couple of small touches to apocalyptic worlds, aliens,... In their games but they always make games based on reality. GTA, RDR, Bully, Manhunt,The Warriors, Midnight Club,LA Noire all are real games. If R* wanted to step into fantasy they would have already shown an interest. 

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