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Wanted Dead or Alive in Guarma, Can't Progress!

Klaude Speed

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Small Spoiler. Went off the beaten path and fell through a trap. Was met by guards trying to kill me so I shot my way out until I died. Now I am WANTED DEAD OR ALIVE and cannot make it to the Dutch Mission before being seen and killed! Help!

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Did you find a fix for this issue? This has happened to me too and I can't fix it as I manually saved the game when I reached the island. Hadn't realised I already had the full wanted level! I fear I have a broken save now 😭 

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Well it's been four years since this question was asked.


I had the same issue, went exploring, fell into a trap, killed the lawmen and now get gunned down every time I approach Dutch from across the river.


What worked for me was to travel along the river North-East and climb up the rocks to Dutch. This triggered the start of the next mission with no law intervention.

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