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What are you spending most of your time on?


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Im still in chapter 3 mainly been hunting and catching bounties. I've been debating if i should go to St Denis prior to the game going there. I did have an option to take someone there as one of those grey blip missions, he was shot, but he died before i could get him on my horse. 

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If I only have a few hours to play all I do is roam and hunt. If I have more than 2 hours I play the story and quest.


I'm fixed on hunting legendary creatures right now.

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I've just reached chapter 6, I've mostly been focusing on the story and side missions and exploring with a little bit of hunting here and there. As much as I love the hunting I plan on getting all of the hunting based objectives such as trapper outfits completed after the story.


I'm really looking forward to concluding the story, it's great but for me after the story is when things will really open up and I can hunt and explore for hours and focus on collectibles. 


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19 hours ago, Mach1bud said:

I try to do one mission a day, maybe two if I stay up late. Gonna a take months to finish the story lol.

This is exactly how I'm playing - one mission a day, except probably two on Friday/Saturday nights when I can justify playing until 3 in the morning!

(although if a white mission ever comes up, I'll probably do that immediately as well as I'm paranoid about them disappearing! I love me some dialog and character building)


Although my general play style seems a little different from most on here - I try to complete all parts of the game roughly in parallel. Not focusing on any one task.....being a jack of all trades, master of none.


So in a given session of, say, 2 hours - as well as that one story mission, I'll pick a small region of the map and head there and go exploring. I'll try and find all the collectibles; I'll try and bag a couple of the local fauna and flora; if there's a bounty or legendary animal/fish in the region, I'll probably try to do those; I'll hopefully run into a stranger and/or a random event or two; I may even run into a gang camp to wipe out; and I'll try to get at least one challenge done.


Basically, I want every session to me a mad variety and ideally by the time I finish the story, I'll also be just about done with 100%. Although whether that's possible with RDR2, I don't know (will depend on whether New Austin and everything in it unlocks before the epilogue's over - although don't tell me! I'm happy to find out on my own!)

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I'm having Skyrim Syndrome where I can't seem to focus on any one task as something else along the way will pull my attention. Still in chapter 2 moving through missions slowly, but I have been going after challenges recently.

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The main story is done, so..."basically I'm just gonna walk the earth. You know, like Caine in "Kung Fu". Walk from place to place, meet people, get in adventures...'till God puts me where he wants me to be. If it takes forever, then I’ll walk forever. I’ll just be Jules"...wait...(with previous save)Arthur or John – no more, no less.


One Bolt-Action rifle and two black/pearl grip Cattleman revolvers. Walking the map slowly, sometimes being a front-seat passenger on a coach or take the train without getting caught (works perfectly when jumping off the horse - the way the journey commonly begins).

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Add in the legendary animals, and challenges, and I’m the same as OP.  


I’m ~ 36% of the story through.


Having the legend satchel is choice.  Finally got the camp fully upgraded.  Legendary fish are next.


Starting to move the story along, but enjoying the pace very much so.   Incredible and immersive experience.

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