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Real | RAGE Weapons and Damage Enhancer


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Do not reupload this mod!
Download this mod only from GTA5-mods.com for your safety!
This is THE OFFICIAL page of this mod!

Hit the "Follow Updates" button if you want notification about a new update, and if you liked my mod hit the "Like" button and/or leave a comment with a 5star rating! Thank You!

This mod is part of my Real | RAGE project, you can find it here:

Real | RAGE project's website

Real | RAGE - The GTA V Enhancer
Real | RAGE Graphics Enhancer
Real | RAGE Graphics Enhancer L|ite
Real | RAGE Weapons and Damage Enhancer
Real | RAGE 4K Water Overhaul
Real | RAGE - Vehicles Enhancer

You can read the readme file online before you download the mod:

The Real | RAGE mods’s version numbers consists of three parts. The first part is the number of the main version, the second part is the number of the compatible game version, the third part is the mod’s release number (the number of the updates in the given main version).

There are two OIV installer files, weapons and extras.
- If you need the full Real | RAGE experience, install both.
- If you using other mods and you only need the weapon modifications just install the weapons installer.
- If you using other weapon mod and you only need the extras (eg. pickups, health, euphoria, bullet impact visuals, blood, dispatch, relationships, etc. mods) just install the extras installer.


- All weapons and vehicle turrets are enhanced;
- Vehicles and more objects/materials can be shoot through;
- Damage of weapons and ped’s health has been balanced, cops are tougher;
- Improved bullet impact visuals;
- All weapons has unique range, recoil, rumble and accuracy;
- All weapons’s muzzle flash and smoke, force, zoom and FOV has been adjusted;
- Increased the zoom of the weapons and added zoom to weapons wich ones doesn’t have originally;
- There are unique weapon changes where the fun factor is more important than realism;
- You can use more weapons in vehicles;
- You can shoot down planes flying on high altitude with homing launcher;
- Now you can detach the scopes of the sniper rifles with a trainer (except marksman rifle);
- Enhanced ragdoll, body physics and reactions (euphoria);
- Pickups are not glowing and you have to press action button to pick them up; smaller pick up radius (you have to stand next to them to pick them up);
- Peds drop nothing when they die;
- Adjustments for blood effects: no blood mist on body shot, only on headshot, added headshot exit wound;
- Tweaked fist and melee fights, no more kicking with melee weapon in hand;
- The minigun now sounds like an A-10 Warthog… BRRRRRRRRRRRRRT…. 😊
…and much more!

STUN GUN: Non-lethal, shooting 2 darts, longer shock duration, decreased recharge time, minimal vehicle damage, added hitforce, using railgun’s tracer, removed muzzle flash;

SAWN-OFF SHOTGUN: It’s a deadly short ranged hand cannon, kick like a horse, added zoom, decreased the weapon range, increased bullets in batch, one shot kill, high hit force, wide pellets scattering, added ground disturbance, so when you shoot on dusty surface dust will appear around you, or if you stand in water, it will splash around you;

FIREWORK LAUNCHER: Increased rocket speed, increased range, rapid reload, fireworks explodes on higher altitude, bigger, brighter, longer lasting fireworks;

SNOW BALL: The snow ball is flaming (in your hand too), it has flame trail when you throw it, the snowball set (only) peds on fire on direct hit;


My other mods:

If you make a video with/about this mod, please link the mod's page at least in the video's description!
Do not claim you made this mod and don’t upload and/or alter it without my permission!

© 2018 Gábor Sikó (Real_Gabe)
Release notes
v2.1493.2 (11/03/18)

- No more manual install;
- The installation (and uninstallation) process is now separated into two auto install phase (weapons and extras) for better usability with other mods;
- Adjusted the sawn-off shotgun: increased the bullet force, the recoil and increased the range a little bit;
- Updated the readme file: added fun weapons info and updated the installation instructions;


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