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Weapon wheel


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Just started playing gta a month ago can anyone help if be going the places picking up weapons but I got 7 weapons and a fist but can’t add any more and when I go to ammunition’s store cant be able just to buy ammunition’s. 

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It is possible to pick up any weapon, but ammo can only be purchased if you own the weapon type.
You can pick up an rpg and minigun from a Survival, but you can not purchase ammo until you own one.
Pick up the heavy sniper and you can buy ammo for it if you own the regular sniper as the ammo is the same.
Shotgun, assualt rifle, smg, and handgun ammo work the same as the sniper ammo.

Gang attacks and Survivals are good for picking up higher rank weapons.
Playing the easy first 2 levels of Boneyard and Processed spawn combat mg's at level 3 for easy pick up.
After level 3 rpg ,minigun, heavy sniper, ect spawn. At level 7+ weapons respawn as long as one enemy is alive.

You can also create a gta style car race and place lots of ammo for easy pick up.
The ammo is shotgun, handgun, smg, and throwables. Respawns offer max fillups.

Edited by jazzbone
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Good tips up there. 

One tip from me is to only buy the guns you might actually use, otherwise you'll be stuck with them permanently even though such things like a gun locker exist - they don't always work properly and don't work at all in missions or heists or other things (I forget which, specifically). 


For example, these are the following guns I don't buy to prevent them being in my weapon wheel permanently: 
- Combat Pistol
- SNS Pistol

- Vintage Pistol

- Marksman Pistol

- Micro SMG
- Combat PDW
- Advanced Rifle (which is ironic seeing as it was my go-to weapon back on Xbox 360)
- MG
- Bullpup Shotgun (although it's the only buckshot type shotgun class weapon which does the same damage, regardless of range - but that alone isn't enough for this)
- Sweeper Shotgun

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