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Andrew Milton vs. Edgar Ross

Andrew Milton vs. Edgar Ross  

31 members have voted

  1. 1. Who's the most frightening of the two?

    • Andrew Milton
    • Edgar Ross

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Here we are.


The primary antagonist of Red Dead Redemption versus the primary antagonist of Red Dead Redemption 2 (sorry, Micah boy).


Andrew Milton disassembled Van der Linde gang, while Edgar Ross got rid of its last remaining members - except little Jack.


Who's the most frightening? The most evil? The most efficient of those bastards?

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Hmm.. It's a pretty close call. They both have equally brutal methods. Seems Ross learned Milton's tactics and continued what Milton started.


Dunno if I would call them evil. They were working to put an end to a notorious gang of robbers and murderers.

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Both are cowards just with some  power to use but Milton is a bit more frightening(I guess?) cause he always arrives at the camp at unexpected times and catches you off guard. 

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Milton is more frightening than Ross. I knew from the trailers he would become a very big problem. And just look at him. Imagine if he was jacked haha.

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Ross used marston like a dog in entire Red Dead Redemption story.

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Ross was a coward

Milton actually had a frightening presence each time he showed up; Like at the river with Jack(That was quite cool how Jack met Ross and later killed Ross at a river), when he showed up at the camps, and when he was at the bank and had Hosea hostage.

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