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San Andreas Bureau of Emergency Management is hiring!!!!

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Hello all! The San Andreas Bureau of Emergency Management is recruiting and are hiring for police officer state trooper and sheriffs deputy. All welcome must be 15+ to join, must have a mic and no roleplaying experience need! Please contact KPD30 or go to www.saboem.weebly.com 

you may reply here and we can contact you this way, we also have a discord that we will gvie you when needed, we have 3 police agencies we operate, SASP, LSSD, LSPD 

SASP- San Andreas State Police

LSSD- Los Santos Sheriffs Dept

LSPD- Los Santos Police Dept

on the website are other admins that you can contact and speak with us.

Each police agency has a interview process and training program. When you view website you will see choices of units to choose to be in other then patrol. We as that you put patrol and then 2 other units you wouldd like, also feel free to sign hp on our site and make sure you put your GT on the application. On a Side note we do have our own working cad system that we use in patrols, laptops, Ipads, tablets and smart phones will be required, if you speak to admin prior if thats an issue we will take care of the problem! Hope to here from you new recruits soon

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Assuming this is PC only?

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6 hours ago, Rez090 said:

Assuming this is PC only?

No its not this is Xbox 1

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