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Chance Encounters problem [[for me]]


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Afternoon Folks,  let me explain this with a preface-I'm not looking for anyone to play the violin, just hpoing there is an answer besides me being SOL.  :)

I am both Deaf and Vision impaired.  Yes, this makes gaming a PITA at times-one of the reasons I do not do MP Online-I simply cannot see to keep up and would look silly spinning in circles trying to orient on which way everyone else is headed along with running into walls, other cars and so forth.


I know the sound when someone calls out for assist is probly directional but with my hearing [[getting a new headset so that might help]] but for now I'm stuck with visual.  I *think* the minimap gives a small circle when someone calls out [[seen it but not sure it happens every time]] then it fades.  If I am looking at the screen I cannot see the minimap or dialogue text between NPCs, if I am looking at the minmap [[I use this in the dark to navigate trais with some success,]] then I cannot see what is happening on the screen-kind of lose bits in the game-trying to follow someone who is riding fast, there is conversation so trying to read it I miss where they are going, lose them and fail mission.  Toook me four tries to get thru the ending chase after the Valentine bank robbery 'cause I kept running into the corrals instead of going between them lol.


Some of this nothing can be done about, it is what it is but I am wondering if, as in the old RDR, when there is a random encounter if the blip showing where they are can be turned to 'On'.


Example-guy stuck in bear trap?  Yeah, finally found him dead after several minutes.   Snakebit guy?  Got lucky the first time and found him, second time....not so much.   There was someone screaming about 'Go away!  Leave me alone!"  took me 20 and I think I found him standing in a river acting crazy tho not sure if they were two different things or not by that time.


Having them on the map or being able to highlight them like one does with critters and dead bodies would help.


Love the game but, and not Rock*'s fault or responsibility, I lose some thinjgs in playthru so hope I can change some settings.   Heck, went in the other night and the local place where I bought the game gave me the window poster-the big 5'x3' one that is double-sided?   hanging on the wall next to me.   :)


Have a few other things but I think they've been discussed-dissapearing weapons and such plus I need a pack mule-seems, no matter how much I toss my Satchel and Saddlebags are always 'Too Full' and I want to drag a whole Gater or Bear back to camp-the remarks on the Snapping Turtle were hillarious-too bad it was not alive then I could have had some fun!


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