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Cougar Hunting

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I want to hunt me up some cougars.

I want the two perfect pelts I need in order to make Arthur his special little box.



It's not that I'm dying to cougars. This has happened exactly once, and was the first time I encountered one. No, that's not the problem. It's that I can't find them while hunting around.

I crouch around from evening onwards, hunting about with scent lotion applied and an express-round loaded Springfield rifle, and it seems, it always seems, that the game just waits for me to finally give up and get back on my horse, and only then spawn the f*ckers. Thus, I get caught off guard, and wind up accidentally shooting the unruly bastard in the side instead of the head or neck, thus ruining my pelt.

The one time I actually got the thing in dead eye (after being bucked off my horse), I take aim, go for the head, try to fire... And some jackoff rider behind me I didn't see also shoots the thing, hitting the side and thus ruining the pelt.

I know they only spawn in the Nighttime (though I don't know if they also maybe spawn in evening and morning). I know the locations (in Northern West Elizabeth and Near-ish to Annesberg) that map says they spawn in. I know what rounds (Express) and guns (Rifles) to use to kill them, and I know to use scent lotion so they don't smell me coming.

I just don't know how to find them.

I wander around the cougar marked areas. I've ridden back and forth on the nearby paths on my horse, trying to purposefully attract them, to no avail.

I've placed predator bait, but the most that ever attracted was coyotes and maybe a fox, which might have just been putting about.

I've even just run around, jumping and sprinting full tilt through the woods, hoping to stumble into one.

But they only ever seem to spawn when I give up, and if I fake giving up so as fool the game into spawning them, then they don't show up on account of how this game is a mind reading devil that drinks my suffering.

The only thing I can think of is to use the superior bait, but I don't know how to make it, what the ingredients are, and whether it will even attract them.

In any event, I'm coming humbly to you guys, hoping for words of wisdom from better minds and/or pretentious weirdos with begrudgingly good advice. Any thoughts, or tactics, or anything?

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You need to find the right spot and they are easy enough. Posted location in another thread just like this one.

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