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Previous chapter Trophy still locked


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Howdy everyone how is it going. Hope everyone is enjoing their adventures in this wild land despite its several bugs.


So yesterday I’ve completed the Chapter 5 and the first Chapter 6 mission “Icarus and Friends”.


But today I realized I still have the achievement for the Chapter 5 locked. So the game somehow didn’t register that I’ve completed the 5th chapter.


I did not use any cheats whatsoever. And I also dont have any previous save go to back to :(


I just dont know whether to keep on playing or start a new game right now. I’m afraid the game may not register any progress from now on. I already have a LOT to catch up to if I start afresh right now, if I go through all the 6th chapter only to confirm my savefile is corrupted, it will only build up the frustration.


You guys reckon there is something R* support may be able to do? Have anyone had this same issue? What should I do?

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Honestly you only have two choices, either keep progressing and hope it pops randomly orrrrr you're going to have to replay the game from the beginning. These trophy bugs are found often in games and there's no way to bypass it other than simply reloading a save before said trophy is supposed to pop.

Edited by Johan

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Thanks for your help @Johan. Turns out the achievement popped up after I completed the following mission (which moved the camp to a new spot, so maybe thats what triggers it). I was confused because in the progress  menu it showed I was already at chapter 6 but I guess I needed to do this one more mission to really complete the previous one.

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