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SPOILER:Lack of wildlife


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So, I've finished the game entirely & am now playing as Marston & I've noticed that there appears to be a drop & lack of wildlife & even NPC characters now that Morgan is gone.


It seemed that everywhere I turned & looked or ran/rode through there were animals around, or every time I'd use Eagle Eye I would see tons & now there are hardly any...it used to be that I couldn't ride my horse through the swamp without triggering a dozen ticked off alligators & now I can barely find any.


Has this happened with anyone else? New Austin is particularly vacant.

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So, I've finished the game entirely & am now playing as Marston

Oh boi. Ya, that's not a spoiler.

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4 minutes ago, ASMorgan said:

I thought it was common knowledge at this point...honestly lol.


Edited by TheOriginalGunslinger
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LOL, I mean, I immediately assumed Morgan would die & we'd play as Marston once I heard he would be in the game & I'm sure you did too.


It's just a game & Emma Roberts is the killer in Scream 4.

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Is this not the f*cking spoiler section?! The spoiler tags after Amarillo Inn mean enter at your own risk.. sheesh.


EDIT: Yeah, it LITERALLY says enter at your own risk, verbatim lol..


I wouldn't say I notice a lack of animals of pets. New Austin seems sparse in that regard, but I think that makes sense and is intentional. Use cover scent and more animals should appear.

Edited by AUScowboy
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You're obviously not going to edit it out at this point, instead making excuses and blaming people who don't already know the end of a game they haven't fully played. So I've reported and hope others have too. f*cking ridiculous. Of course it's a goddamn spoiler. You're talking about the end of a game that's been out for a week. 


EDIT: your/you're

Edited by sabbathfan
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Guys it was in the main section and now it's in Armadillo Inn, where spoilers are allowed. Relax.

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I worried about a distant change/lack of AI after the end game too, but I tested it out in Valentine to see if my theory about NPC drop off/more basic rudimentary NPCs was correct, it is and it isn't at this point. the town bustles and people still do things. I haven't noticed a lack of animals because I'm currently wandering around the wilderness and have seen tonnes of animals.

I think some things do change at the endgame, and I do wonder what it is, because it does certainly feel different after ward. can't quite place it though. The camp aspect being gone might affect something I don't know. I think its more or likely a case of hype train overload again, and what people thought were hard-coded systems to play with in-game are limited to missions/side quests. 


RIP Rockstar Games

1998 - 2021




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Thanks for the replies, guys...


Yeah, I can't seem to place my finger on it but something does change when you finish the story...and, I truly don't think it has to do with hype...I've sincerely noticed a stark dropoff with everything from activity in cities, rural parts, as well as animal activity.


It's beyond "kinda noticeable", it's like blatantly obvious...I'm not complaining though - I'll play another as Arthur, get to Chapter 4 & not progress further & leave the Marston one for what it offers.

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