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Is this how you install the green goblin mod?

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I followed each of the instructions, but pressing Ctrl+N doesn't seem to work properly. Did I f*ck something up?

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You might be better off looking for help on the mod author's website here http://gtaxscripting.blogspot.com/ He used to have a thread on these forums about this mod but I suspect only paying users get his attention now.


I also suggest you provide a lot more information than you are posting on here and on 5Mods.


You can't just post "I did this, it doesn't work, how do I fix it?" and expect people to come up with answers. You're going to have to prove what you did, show log files, show screenshots of mods folders / scripts folders / main game folders. You haven't even told people what version of the game you're running, or what OS you're using.


Look at what you have posted and imagine it was posted by someone else... If you were answering this question, what would your answer be? Can you tell what the person asking the question has really done? Did they really follow the instructions, did they follow them correctly, how can you tell from what information you have been given?


I would also add that in some cases (if you're very lucky), people might install the mod to check if it really does work but given that installing this mod is going to force people to copy 4GB+ of rpf files to their mods folder, that's unlikely to happen.


Edit: Oh and that video... bunch of crap. He copies 26GB of update folder to the mods folder, which is completely unnecessary. update\update.rpf to mods\update\update.rpf is all you need, the other 2 rpf files will be copied through the OIV installer. With his method, this simple script mod would cost you 30GB+ of disk space... ridiculous.




Edited by Guest

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