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An unfallible method to find all the collectibles

Evil empire

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Hello everybody!


Are you playing 3, VC, SA or any of their total conversions? Are you having troubles finding the hidden packages or any similar object? Are you tired of looking for them? didn't find any guide or think the guide contains errors? Do you want a guaranteed method to find all these objects you're looking for?


Note: If you have troubles finding the vanilla GTA SA collectibles you should rather use savegame editor.


In the other situations:

Download Sanny builder, open the main.scm in the Data folder (Data/Script for San Andreas) and look for the collectibles' coordinates. In the total conversions this might be a bit harder.


Copy the lines with the coordinates and paste them in a text file.


Next thing you need is a trainer with a teleport function ; for 3 and VC you can use the ultimate trainer, in SA the trainer 113 will do the job. Other trainers might work as well.


Copy the coordinates and paste them in the X Y & Z lines. All the coordinates being always listed in the X Y Z order. Replace the points by commas and be careful when entering them, your game will crash if you send your character outside of the map's limits.


For example here are the coordinates for the first hidden package in GTA 3:


put_hidden_package_at 1105.25 -1020.0 25.0625


In this situation you need to write 1105,25 for X -1020 for Y (since there's zero after the comma) and so on. Then Read XYZ


I used this method to find the last GTA 3 Bonus in the Frosted winter total conversion by the way.

Edited by Evil empire
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I have other ideas of advices of this kind but since none among you seems to be interested I think I should better keep them for myself.

Edited by Evil empire
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