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Weapons automatically removed when dismounting?


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How come it seems like when I dismount my shoulder and back weapons are auto removed and placed in horse cargo?Β 

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Arthur automatically stores long firearms into his saddle whenever he's not using them while on horseback. He is supposed to get them back when you dismount but in your case, I think you're forgetting to select them on horseback before dismounting.

Edited by TheSadisticOwl
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  • 10 months later...

This seems to be a glitch actually. I get on my horse, select my weapons, get off within 1 second of selecting my weapons, all weapons are back on horse. Everytime i dismount, no matter how long before i chose my longarm weapons, they are back on the horse. I even selected my bow and lancaster repeater to hunt, and got bucked off because a cougar got too close.. Before getting bucked off i had my lancaster rifle in my hand, once i hit the ground though the rifle was back on my horse and the cougar ate me because i had only my revolver.

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I just noticed this last night. Very frustrating. If I had a bow in my hands, to dismount, I have put the bow away on the horse, then remove it from the horse. Has it always been like that? I was a bit confused.Β 

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It seems the game automatically removes your long weapons when you enter a town (Valentine, Saint Denis etc.). You have to manually select them again in the weapon wheel to carry these long guns. Maybe Rockstar thinks the character looks weird/ out of place with those shotguns and rifles on a densely populated street, which goes against their idea of immersion and realism. I find that unnecessary and annoying though. But when I stay away from those towns, the game usually keeps my weapon loadout.

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This sh*t got me killed yesterday. Got a random encounter with a hunter. Dude was looking for a bear. Trot my horse a short distance, hear an angry bear. I came running back to the hunter and there he (it?) is. I pull his attention at me then try to equip my Repeater.... it's not there because dumbass Arthur put it back on his horse.... and the horse is too far. By the time I pull off my weapon the damn thing's standing right before me. *ded*


I hate you Arthur.

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