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SPOILER:Some things I wish where diffrent.


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Just completed the game and it's definetly one of the best ones I ever played, but at the same time I wish there where some things that where diffrent. All of these things are obviously very subjective (especially the thing that bothered me the most) and I do know that some of these things have been mentioned at the forum before.

"Big" issues:

Way to much money. Some people maybe hate grinding but in this game the grinding is quite fun. For me who like to rollplay it feels a little bit weird that Arthur gets so much money from the main story. Defeats the purpuse of hunting and stealing stuff. Early in the game I actually feelt it was rewarding to sell pelts as I got closer to buying that gun I wanted but quite quickly money became totally pointless as I got way to much of it. Also NPCs drop way to much tonics and valubles which defeats the purpuse of going to the store and another thing that I will mention more later is that the weapons are unlockeble which makes it quite pointless to go to the gunstore after a while. I wished they would make a hardcore mode where they really made it harder to come by cash. 2000 dollars in 1899 is a fortune.

Can't get rid of your guns and guns are unlockeble. When I get a better revolver I never felt like using my worse one, so why do I need to have it in the weapon wheel on my horse? Same thing with all the other weapons. And one thing I wished they had done in combination with the "harder to get money thing" is to make guns sellable. I also think guns that you drop should dissapear so it like horses feels more personal. I don't see the big issue with having to buy the same gun twice if I lost one. Another thing that would have been cool is if the weapons dealer had old used guns for sale where you could randomly find your droped guns (someone picked it up and sold it). I get that in some missions they need you to have a sniper which they gave you in an earlier mission but the game should just check if you have one and then if you don't promt you to buy one or make a side character loan you one. Or at least just force us to have one of each weapon that the game will force us to use in a mission.


Arthur always unequipping his weapons when on the horse. Very annoying even if the animation is cool, espacially with the combination of the need to have so many weapons to circle. Also it is very anoying that during some missions it goes strait from riding to a cutscene and then action and all if a sudden I dont have my pump action shotgun (I always want my pump action shotgun).

"Smaller" issues:

Time is going way to fast. Going into a bar in the evening to play poker for an hour but in like 6 min its morning. Weather also change way to fast.

You cant bring your horse with you when you take the train. I personally like it when fast travel "makes sense" (like taking the train), but it's a little bit annoying when you horse get's left behind. It would be cool if you could pay a young kid or something to ride your horse to another post office or stable. I do know you can just go to the stable and change horse and then back to have it reappear but thats quite immersion breaking. 

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