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Too many animations/ clunky

Roman Dozer

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Gameplay feels like Assassins Creed Unity, which is good and yet not good at all, in particular instances. I appreciate/d the “realistic” animations, for the first few times I saw them, but the side effect becomes both, cumbersome and a chore, after ‘x’ amount of times.


Cases in point, there are too many times wherein I move towards an object to interact with it, and my character will, upon holding the square button, auto move to an exact scripted location in front of/ near said object, before performing the action (looting anything, a corpse for example must be straddled, opening boxes, drawers, etc.) This is starting to feel like I am fighting both, the controller and the game, all too often. Here are even times when my character will start this awkward back-n-forth movement, trying to auto move to the already predetermined spot to perform looting, etc. It’s funny, at first, and now it’s just plain annoying. Again, it’s great to see realism in games, but too much makes things feel almost unresponsive, clunky even.


Why is there no option to turn off some of these animations? Mind you, I am in no hurry to getthrough the game, but having to wait over, and over, and over, again, and again, and again, to watch my character, for example, uproot herbs, rip off the leaves, open the pouch, place them inside, and wait a full second or two even after those animations are completed...is starting to drain on me. I know I’m not the only person who feels/ thinks this way as well. Someone went a little overboard with the realism in animations. I want to be engaged in “playing” the game, not watching an animation script do so for me. The amount of time that is going to add up, over the course of the game, wasted on having to watch these animations, some quite long, is going to be too much.


Please, grant a “quick loot” option for looting, skinning animals, etc. Streamlined gameplay is much better than going for total realism. AC:Unity suffered from this as well. This is a simple quality of life change and frankly, I cannot believe any long standing gamer who would have played the game prior to launch, would have been comfortable keeping his/ her mouth shut, and not spoke up about gross-overload on animations.


Please add a quick loot option. Thanks for your time (if anyone of the devs manage to read this.)

Edited by Roman Dozer
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