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What is the most evil/sadistic thing you've done?


Recommended Posts


Tried to rob an old guy’s tent whilst he was fishing. He caught me so I hogtied him and threw him on the campfire. He suffered. 🙂

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Pointed a gun on an innocent women near a house, she told me "please don't do it" and then she ran away; I chased her and caught her, robbed her and killed her.





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Honestly, killing those innocent farm animals to get my outfits completed.

There's something really f*cked up about hopping a fence and shooting sheep point blank in the head inside the pen. Just... deplorable.

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So many people have been beaten to death by being dragged behind my horse.

I just want that damn challenge done, if I so have to kill the entire population of Lemoyne.


Towards the end of the game I discovered the joys of shooting someone in their legs, and then molotoving them.

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Ran into some dude who ate Oleander Sage so I gave him a health cure, unbeknownst to him however, it came with the stipulation that his life now belonged to me.


So I hogtied him and took him on a hunting trip which involved me waiting for him to break free, lasso him again and drag him around the back of my horse for a bit. I did this a few times until I was bored.


I backed my horse up to him and waited for the good boah to do his business on him, didn't work as well as expected.


We eventually came across a small pig farm, I found a new friend inside a small shack and burned him alive on the campfire.


By now I was quite bored with Mr. Oleander so I fed him to Freddy Kruegers pigs. 


I think it goes without saying that I have maximum dishonor, I love it.

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I went up to a farm that was convinced was unoccupied, and killed one of the pigs for meat. 


As soon as i I did this, I heard a man complain in his little house on the farm and charge out of there with a pistol in his hand. I was so shocked someone was on the farm I kinda froze for a moment, and by that time he had fired 4 shots in my direction. You know the scene in pulp fiction where the dude pops outta the room and fires a bunch of bullets at Samuel L and John T, and none of them hit? That happened exactly to me. 


I then instinctly pressed R2, and got a direct hit signalling I'd killed him. The weird thing was that he ran back into his house, so I went into investigate... as soon as I opened the door blood covered the entire cabin, I thought that I'd stumbled across some sick scene this guy had caused. The floor was completely covered, the bed had splashes of blood, and I had bloody footprints.. I turn to the bottom corner of the room where I hear choking.. and I see the dude holding his neck, choking on his own blood as he bleeds out. It's flying EVERYWHERE, and now onto my clothes. 


I guess I'd shot him in an artery. If I wasn't so shocked and in awe of the brutality of the moment, I would have shot him again to end quickly for him. But I just watched him suffer for another 30 seconds as he choked to death. 



Never been been able to kill someone with a gun like that again. 

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I was hunting perfect boar skins, and after 10-15 minutes looking I finally found one, killed it and just when I was about to skin it, I hear a woman screaming on a wagon, and two guys telling her to shut up talking about killing her. I didn't want to lose the boar so I skinned it, then ran after the wagon, but they already killed her, so I blasted their heads off from behind and I see that they are Murfee Brood. To bad I did it right between two cow pens beside a ranch because before I knew it, two ranchers started shooting at me so I had to kill them. Then after I looted their bodies their dog attacked me, so I had to shoot the dog too. At least I cut the Murfee Brood's horse free (who looked live a living dead).

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Hogtied an old lady, dropped her in the doorway of the outhouse and fired a dynamite arrow at her, Maybe not my most sadistic kill but i had to work with what i had. 🤠

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Well, i am the worse guy around here for sure: i've found a drunk man whose has crashed its wagon nearby Strawberry; he asked me for taking care of his things whyle he went to Strawberry to bring another wagon; after waiting for about 10 minutes i went towards the city and found him sleeping down on a tree... Then i got my horse and left him to his dreams and left his wares untouched but also unprotected...

I still feeling bad for him because someone else would certainly steall his goods...

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I blew away the moron who kept appearing out of the blue trying to challenge me to a shooting contest.


I shotgunned the annoying idiot who wanted to see whose horse was faster.


Never felt better about killing people in my life.


I've got more interesting things to do in-game than put up with R* RDR2 version of NPC spam phone calls.


Traveled X distance without getting robbed or wolves attacking you? Rockstar's got that "covered".


Apparently it's a new and unusual concept to Rockstar that some players might actually want to just enjoy a nice, peaceful ride somewhere for once.

Edited by DentureDynamite
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On 11/1/2018 at 12:11 PM, SirWillC said:

I lassoed some bloke off his horse as he was getting by because I didn’t wanna walk back to Valentine after drinking with Lenny.

Grand Theft Horse. lol


Imagine that! ;)


...but reading all these posts makes me fear what RDR2 Online is going to be like.


I will honestly be shocked and pretty darned chilled to the bone if gore is enabled.

Edited by DentureDynamite
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When planting dynamite on a wagon I forgot to cut the horses loose. Limbs went everywhere! Poor horses. I felt guilty. Killing horses is not good.

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Was taking out an O'driscol camp north of Valentine. The map showed one red blip inside the house. I couldn't lock onto him, so threw a molotov through the window. The door goes up in flames as some poor bugger staggers out screaming. Still there were shots being fired, so lobbed dynamite through the door. Short screaming cut off by the blast. Went and had a look, two guys had burned to death from the molotov, and couldn't be looted.

Also shot up a farm, and their dog, getting the scarecrow hat, and got a bounty when I tried to get in the house.

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2 hours ago, MostlyPonies said:

Someone said good morning to me and I ignored them.

I knew what I wanted when I made this thread... but that..


You disgust me.

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  • Ame I ssh

Creating extremely hard and vague riddles and picture clues pertaining to game content and trailer drop dates prior to the release date.


Sadly guilty as charged and I will immediately be donating £1,000,000 of pretendy virtual currency to charity for my sins.


My only defence is Deep Bawbie made me do it.

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  • fir thi bairns 9
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I shot a dudes arm north of saint denis and then hog tied him up to take him to a doctor to fix him up. Unfortunately I got a bounty and cops were everywhere. I ended up dumping him in the bayou to die. 

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On 11/7/2018 at 12:21 AM, anthony said:

Pointed a gun on an innocent women near a house, she told me "please don't do it" and then she ran away; I chased her and caught her, robbed her and killed her.





Legit made me feel bad this one.

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I had just busted out a player at poker in Saint Denis as part of the gambler challenges, and had been trying to do the same at Flatneck Station. This challenge is frustrating because it's mostly up to chance when a player will bust out. I had spent almost two hours doing this challenge so far. It was finally down to me and two players. One was close to busting out, the other had $15 in winnings. The one close to busting out did so, but he lost to the other player, so it didn't count toward the challenge. I had less than a dollar and didn't have the patience to try and get this guy down from $15 to 0, so I quit the poker game. I then took out my sawed-off shotgun and blew the guy's head off point blank. The other player - who had just left - commented on the sight as he looked through the door, but wisely walked away without telling the law. I took the winner's corpse down the hill by some trees and shot his limbs off. I then decided to give it one last try for the night, and ended up busting out a player early, so thankfully no one else had to die. And for those wondering, the NPCs don't have any of their poker winnings on them.

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Display Name

I put bunch of people into a house and threw a molotov in there.




I love how their hair got completely burned.

Edited by Display Name
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I accidentally rode into someone on his horse and we both flew to the ground. The guy got mad and wanted to shot me so I tackled and tied him up. Not wanting to kill him, I was putting my elk pelt back on my horse. In the meantime the guy apparently cut himself free and tried to stab me.



So I lassoed him from my horse, dragged him for a bit, then tied him up again and put a stick of dynamite next to him. Then I threw a firebottle on the guy and a second later dead eyed the dynamite. Not sure if the fire set off the explosion, but it sure was messy.


Usually I mind my own business but the guy wouldn't stop

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Cutter De Blanc

I abused the sh*t out of my horse, pushing her until she collapsed then reviving her, constantly throwing her off the mountain in an attempt to get to Tempest Rim. Eventually I ran out of horse revivers and she died. I reloaded I felt so bad. Never did make it to Tempest Rim.

Edited by Cutter De Blanc
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In the Evil category:


On 11/1/2018 at 2:30 PM, TheSantader25 said:

The Strauss Side missions

I tried to shoot the widow. She got away.


And then there is the violence inherit in the system: When robbing and such, I try to shoot the horses first so they don't run off with the goods or kick me to death while I try to loot them.

Edited by sodoff
Come to think of it:
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i broke into a house and found my victim, an old man smoking a cigar


as soon as i broke open the door he fell backwards off his chair


his dog rushed at me but i shot it in the throat and whimpered and died


as the old man got up i shot him in the foot the tackled him to the floor


i punched him until he passed out and then picked him up and put him on my horse


i went outside and executed all his animals then rode my horse to the top of the tunnel above where the train comes


i waited for the train then rode my horse off the top of the tunnel and onto the top of the train


the horse broke its neck and the old man and i both landed on our faces on the top of the train


he stands up before me and somehow manages to kick me in the belly throwing me off the train


about a second after i see his horse careen off the top of the tunnel (it must have followed us) and smash into him knocking him off the train too!


we both roll down the hill into the creek and at this point we are both unarmed


a messy fist fight begins but somehow he has the upper hand and is pummeling me 


at this point im covered in blood and mud and he lands a massive punch sending me down into the creek


before i can stand up a giant grizzly bear jumps over me and tackles him 


i think he is dead so i scramble out of the water and try to run up the hill but as i start running i hear a gunshot


i turn around and see the bear bleeding from the kneck and collapse sideways into the creek


the old man levels the pistol at me from about 30 yards away


i press the diffuse button and arthur says “now lets just calm down here”


the old man says “youre not leaving here alive you son of a bitch”


now arthur shouts “now boah-“ and is interrupted by a single gunshot


i turn around and the bear clutching it’s neck has fired a killshot on the old man


hit him in the neck and its spraying blood everywhere


he drops the gun and spits blood on arthur and says


”til we meet again” and then falls dead in the creek 

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As of now.  I hogtied some random woman.  Went to another random campsite.  Shot, and looted the person there.  And then preceded drop the hogtied woman onto the camp fire.  She done burn good.

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I also went to that father/son household.


Hogtied the father. Let the son live.

Then I left.


Came back later, father was sitting outside asleep in his chair. He wants to attack me again. I hogtie him. Then I kill his son. Then I shoot every oil lamp in the house and while he is outside, hogtied, the entire house is in flames.

Then I left again.


Came back again later, he was drunk on the sofa. This time I blew his face away with a shotgun. Then set fire to the house again.


After that I reloaded the game and now I'm thinking of other ways to rob them.

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