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Ballas King

Is there any GTA VC mission you feel guilty about?

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On 12/8/2018 at 4:36 PM, Evil empire said:

You made the confusion with Liberty City Stories.


No I meant he was my favorite boss to work for in vc and I hated killing him for a cannibalistic/necrophiliac in LCS

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Posted (edited)
On 1/13/2019 at 12:13 AM, wfank said:

On a more curious and albeit funny note, I always wondered the logic why Tommy had to kill the pizza delivery guy on Road Kill. Mr. Black's other missions are understandable.


Waste the wife - the client's wife may have been cheating on him or spending too much on jewelry. 

Autocide - If the planned bank robbery by the European gang took place, it might have been bad for the client's business.

Check out at the check in: Lots of reason to kill a big fish, but I think is something to do with arms deal as Tommy has to go to he Ammu-Nation.

Lose Ends: 80s themed mafia drug deals, ambushing them is can have obvious gains for a mysterious phone calling boss.


But what about Road Kill? Did Mr. Black;s client get pissed his pizza wasn't being delivered on time, or the delivery guy forgot the drinks? LOL !

I liked to think that Carl Pearson's job as the pizza delivery guy was just a cover up, kinda like Leo Teal. Perhaps he was using the pizza deals to sell drugs or something.


Ontopic: I gotta say, in VC practically no mission made me feel too guilty. Maybe Waste The Wife was a bit disturbing when I was younger but nowadays, nah, nothing. Messing with the Man did not make me feel guilty at all because after you dig into the files and start referring to pedestrians by their name in the files, you consider them as cardboard cuts and not real people.

Edited by Jeansowaty

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