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"Gavin!? Has anyone seen an englishman called Gavin? Gav? Gav!?"

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Well, at least some of you have actually met the dude.  That gives me some hope-I was starting to think it was a Ghost, maybe from the Civil War era around Rhodes as I cannot for the life of me find the bastige.  I hear him, follow his voice then his voice comes from elsewhere so I go elsewhere and his voice cmes from the empty area [[A tree and some grass with a Gazeb and train tracks]] where no one is at.


There's a vaccuum cleaner mentioned in the General store book and \i was gonna buy one and use it to suck the ghost up and toss IT into some swamps wrapped in goat skin so a gater would eat it/

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On 11/10/2018 at 9:50 PM, guardian1816 said:

Well, I watched for the name "gavin" in the credits and there are maybe 2 or 3, but nothing indicating that could have anything to do with it.   I was wondering if the programmers couldnt find "Gavin" and had to keep calling for him or some such and this was a huge inside joke but who knows.  Still a mystery

Indeed, I was thinking this had to be some kind of inside joke among the developers, or with the Housers.  

I finally met, face-to-face, the guy calling for Gavin, in Blackwater, after hearing his phantom voice everywhere.  He was yelling for Gavin the entire time I was in Blackwater.  As many have said above, I was tempted to blow him away right there on main street.  The bounty, and the trouble with the law, would be worth it.  I think I'll Save Game and then waste him, just for the satisfaction, then reload the game.  


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Literally met him wandering Annesburg in the middle of the morning. I have no idea how he made it that far on foot, but his determination knows no bounds.

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He looks like an opiod casualty to me.  I have spoken to him a number of times.  There is some sort of inside joke.  

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Finally met him yesterday in St Denis.  Ok...so?


Now I need to track down the guy wanting me to have a flyer about his corky religion.

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I love wandering through Rhodes and randomly hearing "Gavin?". I burst out laughing when I heard him again in Blackwater.

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Cutter De Blanc

A big bald english bloke who's really funny


Sounds like Dan Houser 

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Gavin's friend may or may not be carrying a note on his persons.

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So a very weird thing happened to me today. I was coming back towards Beecher's Hope from Tall Trees, from a hunting trip, and I met a feller on the road pretty close-ish to the place where the Skinners take Uncle on the Epilogue. I got to talking with the mister and I didn't much appreciate his remarks, so I, ahem, shot him. I'm sure y'all know how it is. His horse bolted off to the forest and I went after it, to search the saddlebags and whatnot. Didn't get the horse, but once I was in the forest, the game prompted me that there was a witness for the murder that I had just, supposedly, commited. Okay. So I mounted my own horse and started going back towards the road to stop this witness. And, I kid you not, if it wasn't my old pal Gavin's friend, right there smack middle of nowhere, running away from me to inform the police that I had commited a murder. I instantly spotted the old blue jacket of his and stopped long enough to target him, and to make sure that he indeed was Gavin's friend. I didn't stop to convince him to forget about the incidence, because at that point there was already another witness, going to the opposite direction, and I didn't feel like shooting the poor feller, crazy as he is, but I really felt that the whole thing was remarkably weird. I mean, I've seen Gavin's friend in Rhodes and Blackwater, and heard reports of folk seeing him in Saint Denis, but this was surely the first time I've seen him way out of the city limits. Anyone else had similar encounters with our British friend?


Edited by UncleTacitus

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Mirror Park Resident

Saw him in Tall Trees once too. So out of place for him. There even was a bunch of Skinner Brothers nearby, who attacked me previously. Hope he finally found Gavin........





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I don't know how many times do I have to kill this annoying lunatic so he can shut up. 

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Barnie Spacullie

Eeehhhhhh awkward. I fed him and the eugenics guy to Alligators

On 11/9/2018 at 2:06 AM, Rykjeklut said:

You meet him again in the epilogue. So you know,don't kill him if you're interested.


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My guess is this guy calling for Gavin is an apparition.  Nobody else ever seems to notice him, or acknowledges him, 'cept John and Arthur.


He even looks like a corps ready for burial from that time. The rosy cheeks and makeup. The carnation on his lapel...


Just my theory.


Good day!


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JC Hammer

Gavin doesn't exist, Nigel is his friend and he will appear in Rhodes and ST Dennis early in the game and Blackwater after the epilogues.


Kill Nigel and loot him. You'll find a letter explaining a little more



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Honestly after a while I just thought it was a nod at Rooster Teeth given two people from Achievement Hunter voice acted for the game and Rockstar has invited them to GTA V streams several times.

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