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Real life equivalents of each state?

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On 2/2/2019 at 1:45 AM, JC Hammer said:

Except that you can ride a horse from Van Horn to Blackwater in about 15 minutes, making that about an 8 mile ride. That would make the Map less than 20 miles wide at any point.

TBH RDRII's world is more an approximation of the real thing, it's supposed to capture the spirit of each region rather than being truly representational.


Otherwise you could start making points about how each state lacks a capitol, how the railways make no sense, etc.

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On 2/9/2019 at 10:07 AM, ghostsoap01 said:

Is there red soil in Louisiana? I wouldn't know, but I guess if it does than its possible that Lemoyne is completely based on Louisiana.

We do have some areas that have red soil.


Baton Rouge is a city west of New Orleans (just like Rhodes is west of Saint Denis). Baton Rouge is French and translates to Red Stick. The present-day name of the city, however, dates back to 1699, when French explorers noted a red cypress tree stripped of its bark that marked the boundary between Houma and Bayou Goula's tribal hunting grounds. They called the tree "le baton rouge," or red stick. The native Indiana name for the site had been Istrouma. It is also the capital of the state.


There are other places like Orange Texas and Lake Charles Louisiana that border the two state's. Both are to the west of new Orleans like Rhodes and I'm pretty sure both have red soil. If not the land north of there certainly does.


...add to that the yellow fever plagues that practically whipped out a few towns in Louisiana during the late 1800's and how that ties in with the town of Pleasance and the plague references...

Then it's probably a safe bet that all of Lemoyne is in-fact a recreation of Louisiana.



Edited by Deadman2112

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I did more digging and it looks like Rhodes might be based on this place...


Claiborne Parish, Louisiana




The parish is made up of 4 town's/city's...

...Homer (Named after the Greek poet Homer)




(side note a Parish is the equivalent to a County)


Claiborne Parish is named for William C C Claiborne, who was the first governor of Louisiana from 1812 to 1816.


The effigy located outside the courthouse is very similar to the one located in Rhodes...








Although, I feel it's important to note that several city's located in the south have civil war monuments commemorating fallen soldier's that resemble this one. So, I guess Rhodes could be based on any number of places, but I still think this place is a good fit.



Edited by Deadman2112

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Even more interesting parallels between the two locations...


Claiborne's first two wives, Eliza Wilson Lewis and Marie Clarisse Duralde, died of yellow fever in New Orleans, within five years of each other.


Another very interesting one is...


The Tuggle/Ramsey Family Feud.

Starting in the 1880's, (allegedly started over a family dog) that later turned into a violent family feud in the vicinity of Homer, Louisiana in Claiborne Parish.


The Tuggles and the Ramseys viciously feuded with each other over the course of several years. During this time both families took part in such activities as, raiding, ambushing and assassinating one another. Ultimately resulting in the death of not only family members on both side's of the dispute, but apparently hired guns as well.


Several newspaper reports from the time alluded to the idea that this was not really about a dog, but rather it was about a white lightening/moonshine territorial standoff between the two families.


Another interesting side note regarding the two families...


It was also rumored that the two families were possibly related by way of a secret marriage. 


lol sounds like the Braithwaite girl and the Gray boy.


Edited by Deadman2112

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Hmmm nice bike

I think the only obvious ones are Lemoyne (Louisiana), Ambarino (Colorado) and New Austin (the desert parts of Texas, plus some New Mexico and Arizona thrown in as well). West Elizabeth might be Kansas or Oklahoma, and New Hanover is most likely based on Kentucky/Tennessee/West Virginia with the eastern-most portion probably being something like Virginia.

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New Hanover, specifically The Heartlands is at least loosely based on Nebraska because the two large rocks closely resemble a real life natural landmark. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Courthouse_and_Jail_Rocks

The rest of the Heartlands is also probably inspired by Kansas and Oklahoma.
But New Hanover is a big state which also includes Annesburg, Roanoke Ridge, Van Horn, and Cumberland Forests, and I honestly have no clue where those parts of the state are inspired from.


Lemoyne is your 'southern' state that mostly draws inspiration from Louisiana.

Saint Denis is loosely based off New Orleans.

Braithwaith Manor is closely resembles a real life plantation in Louisiana https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Oak_Alley_Plantation
Caliga Hall closely resembles are rea life plantation in West Virginia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Shirley_Plantation


I have no idea if New Austin, West Elizabeth, or Ambarino have landmarks that closely resemble real life landmarks. Can't say anything more about them other than stuff like New Austin is a desert state so it's probably inspired by Arizona, New Mexico, or Texas.

Edited by IG_

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i still think parts of lemoyne is based on florida

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Dark Rosewood Varnish

So is Roanoke Ridge based on parts of Arkansas? 

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Van Horn Trading Post is based on:


Natchez, Mississippi 








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3 hours ago, Oldsport said:

i still think parts of lemoyne is based on florida

What makes you think so? 

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Cholla Springs is based on Sonora Desert and Diez Corona is based on Monument Valley

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