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Bruce Khansey

[R* logic thread] from GTAO to RDR2 Online

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Bruce Khansey

I had a really boring working day, so I figured this out.


Considering the experience we had (and still have) with GTA Online, what if we're going to have that same experience in the Old West?


I start with the first things that comes out of my mind:


-the smartphone will be replaced with smoke signals; we can use them to get an exact same copy of our horse after it gets shot

-we will struggle to get enough barns for our horses

-we will have adversary modes like Stunt Horse Races

-best and fastest way to earn money will be stealing high-end horses and sell them solo, hoping no one is camping in front of our barn ready to kill the expensive horse

-in the meantime, we'll have a mine that will work coil, and after a couple of hours we will sell the goods in 5 different stops

-we will deliver the goods with a donkey and we will defend ourselves by throwing shoes agains other players who will have dynamite-launching rifles instead

-horses will be drip feeded

-we will start with normal heists, but in the end we will save the world from a villain who gives indians new technologies to gain back their land

-a decent horse will cost something like 3500$


Go ahead guys

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The FoolYT

We will have a donkey DLC which will consist of many species of donkies so everyone can get their favourite donkey.


All A.i. are masters with revolvers and can fire at you from a mile away and hit.


There will  be a DLC later on which sells the hover horse, a horse with turbo boosters that's capable of flight and landing.




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White Shark

I'm so pleased that we won't have a smart phone to be bothered with constant bleeps and calls.  Just hoping we don't have some sort of replacement as the OP mentions with smoke signals lol.


Help, I can't see!!!  I have too many incoming smoke signalsyaahhhhgh!!  *falls off cliff *

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  • Bullet proof hooves with saddle armour.  Hooves can be upgraded for extra grip and saddle packs customized with gold plating.


  • Mane can be braided and colored.   Horsetail can be modified and shaped into various aero wings to create downforce.  


  • Stickers can be applied to the horses skin to create a new look.


  • Matrix style wild west shootouts.


  • Bullet proof capes and socks.


  • Pony cards aka Shark cards.


  • Bad pony points for killing or injuring someones ride.


  • Stunt pony racing


  • Flying pony's (Update 2.4a)


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I think we shall have undermentioned games:-


a) Lasso Game - Where You have a team of 5 vs 5. And within a given period of time you while riding back on your horse shall have to take down as many enemies using Lasso of the opponent team. The number of take downs at the end shall win.


b) Mud Game - Where in 3 vs 3., your aim would be to splatter mud balls on the opponents in given period of time.


c) Shoot the bottles - 1 vs 1. you are supposed to shoot as many bottles in 3 rounds, kinda similar to shooting range in GTA Online


d) Horse Race - Self explanatory 


Aforementioned are some of the ideas of what we might see apart from Hunting, Fishing, Missions, Crews and Heists. 



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Bruce Khansey

Also, we will constantly fear the orbital mortar

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If you thought the Hydra was scary just wait until a guy dual wielding explosive round loaded Mausers in a hot air balloon drifts silenty into your vicinty with full Dead Eye...

Edited by IamCourtney

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Passive income.


Hate it. Yeah, decent premise - Go play the game and while that happens, your business works for you - Sounds ideal.


But it saw so many just idle the game alone. (Not that I'm against lone play, or folks doing sod all, lol).


It's the game. They made things necessary to be done while risking the time. Even if it was just an 11hr idle session for the bunker. That money potentially lost is significant to a player that's getting more and more pressured by the phone calls.


Na, give people reason to play freely. Cash should be obtainable without thinking 'do nothing alone' is best, lol.


R* logic though. Just like the cloud sim crap. So long as we're on, don't matter.


It does!


Oh of course, I forgot the obvious...


Anyone wanting to earn a few bucks in a public session must have their hands tied and given fines or bad cowboy/cowgirl points for attempting to defend against attackers that have zero restrictions. Naturally.

Edited by Lonely-Martin

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