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RDR2 $725 Million in 3 Days

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21 minutes ago, lol232 said:

Also less people have PS4s/XBOX ONEs than people had PS3s/XBOX 360s back in the day.

Not really true at the moment. The PS4 is at 86 million sold, which is more than the 76 million the 360 had by Febuary 2013 (the year the PS4/Xb1 came out). There were more PS3's sold by 2013 than Xbox One's at the moment I believe, but last gen was riddled with hardware issues that caused a lot of people to have to buy rebuy consoles.

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10 hours ago, Mach1bud said:

The game doesn't really have mixed reactions. Generally, everyone's reaction is overwhelmingly positive.


The losers that are flooding Metacritic with stupid reviews are a tiny percentage.


Talking 50 people out of 8 million.

I've always taken Metacritic scores with a grain of salt as they don't mean anything to me as a player. Most of the "negative" responses were like a day or so after the game released when it had barely anytime to breathe. Not to mention most of the whining is about ether being currently no PC version and RDO hasn't launched yet.


No game's perfect and we can't expect every single person to love it, but I reckon some people will get over their hissy fit of the game being "slow" or whatever once RDO launches. GOTY candidate without question.

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Definitely well deserved, this is a superb game!

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Display Name
18 hours ago, HumtiDumpti said:

yeah that is relly gratem and all but almost nobody i playing it


as of 31/10 only 9,2% has goten past chapter 3 on psn 9,2 and 96,9 are done with the first chapter


so i guess most ppl preordered it and dident like it

A lot of people don't have much time to play video games and also a huge number of people got it on Monday. I got it on Monday and I got to chapter 3 just yesterday at night, after like 20 hours of playing.

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Mixed reactions are mostly due to:- 


a) PC Gamer - I being a PC gamer can sure understand the pain, does that mean i will rate it negative? No sir. Does that mean others would do the same? Let's be real, vast majority wont. 


b) Slow Tutorial - People feel like the tutorial of the game is taking forever, coming in expecting something like GTA ain't helping. I mean come on, that's not games fault. Its rare to see such nice, immersive and detailed tutorials in this age of micro-transactions and cash grab.


c) Also there are a chuck of people who feel agitated with lack of proper fast travel, slight irresponsiveness of movements here and there, pacing issues, expected something else, feel like its just a GTA V re-skin for some weird reasons. 


Basically, haters gonna hate. If you love the game, be sure to show love to R* for they have delivered time and time again.

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