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RDR2 Video Thread


Recommended Posts

How many times I've crashed into a tree lol:

This is how I first got to mexico but SPOILER don't watch if you haven't completed the game.

I tried it again riding my horse over the other rocks then passing out on moonshine and it worked again:


Once in Mexico you can just climb out the boundaries where Torquemada was in the previous game and walk all the way to Guarma:




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WARNING: The following clip features end game SPOILERS. don't watch if you don't want spoilers.



Just arrived in Saint Denis, outside the trapper; and I was climbing off my horse but instantly took a tumble 😂😂



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Hey guys, only watch my video if you've beaten chapter 6. It's a heavy spoiler. I used an emotional song from RDR1 for an emotional scene in the story and it matches perfectly imo. Lmk what you guys think: 



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Ehy guys, recently I worked on a Red Dead Redemption 2 cinematic video.

All the scenes were captured exclusively using the cinematic camera in-game.
The soundtrack has been composed, recorded and performed by me, specifically for this video.


Enjoy :D



Edited by John M
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This was a pretty hilarious random drunk I had come up to me and then this happened...


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This had me almost rolling on the floor due to how sudden it was.








Edited by TheSadisticOwl
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Don't you just hate it when ghosts or invisibility cloak users attack for no reason??



Features a spoiler. 


Edited by TheLordMarvel
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