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RPF 7/8

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I'm currently looking into RPF 7 and 8.
RPF 8 is the latest version used by the RDR Companion app and RPF7 is the version used by GTA V.

RPF 7 is implemented into OpenIV, but only poorly documentated to the public.


I already worked a bit on a file explorer for RPF 6 in the past. My goal is to write a little tool that can export the content out of RPF 8 archives.

RPF consists of a info block, a TOC block and a data block.



My documentation so far:

The first four bytes (called magic) always hold the version of the file format ("7FPR" / "8FPR"). That's not hard to understand.

The next four bytes seem to hold the amount of filesystem entries + 1 as an unsigned short. I can only guess, but it seems that the root directory counts too. So the minimum value would be one and the maximum value 65535. This could explain why there are so many different x64 RPFs: One RPF can only hold 65535 files or folders.

I'm aware that this is not much, but it's better than nothing. Maybe some experienced modders can help improving my doc. Am now back looking at my Hex editor and trying to understand how RPF7 works. Will update this post once I found out something else (maybe in 10 minutes haha).

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4 hours ago, Xplorer said:

Are you one of their authors? 

No, I tried to use the library a long while back (or at least the project it was forked from), which is why I knew about it but I am not part of that team.

Edited by Guest

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Did you ever find out anything more?

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