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Anyone else don't want a repeat of GTA Online?

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They also said GTAV would continue to have support. RDR2 is clearly a more realistic approach and I hope this is a signal that we will not see lightning guns, player ufo’s or other absolutely stupid crap.

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More realistic or not R* on RDROnline would be pretty much like this... (turn English subtitles)



Edited by MARKUS.

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forget rdr1 and gtaIV‘s multiplayer.  


the question is: what kind of microtransaction will be implemented?  real money for game money or something else?


and what about bounties? will killing lawmen in rd:o be an expensive luxury? 


or is money not a thing to buy?


maybe they will have a new currency beside the ingame dollars, and every cloth and horse and home will offer both currencies to buy it with. who knows...


but i can tell you now, it will be nothing you hoped for

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On 10/29/2018 at 5:18 PM, Purevil said:

Releasing online portion of the game weeks, months after single player release is a poor move by R*, again.  The mistakes made in GTAO will be replicated in RDR2.   It makes them money.    

The whole reason they released the story first and the online later is because they knew the story on its own would get good reviews and the multiplayer would knock those review scores down and they couldn't have that. Smart move though.  But as far as online goes it is a safe bet that it will be very much like GTAV Online.. To start with head of Take Two said GTAV was under monotized and that microtransactions will be a big part of future Rockstar games. When microtransactions are involved the game will be grind your life away or buy microtransactions, pay to win and make it easier. And with microtransactions comes the stupid zany stuff in order to sell more microtransactions. Like flying hover bikes and cars with missiles. I hear weaponized vehicles will be there day 1. It's only going to get more and more stupid to keep dumb folk buying microtransactions. And they will.

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I'd expect RDR2 is more grounded in realism. Slower and more about hunting and actual gunfights unlike GTA that's evolved into a RPG arena. No flying horses, robots, robot-horses, or flying robots.


But then I met Marko Dragic.

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Mister Pink

I love empire building, just not like how it's done in GTAO and shark cards are cancer. I don't like cheating either. I just hope there's a good balance of earning, levelling up and ability to unlock rare and unique items. 

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