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Is this game out to get you ?

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Now I know anything too easy isnt very rewarding , but coming from GTA v where sometimes when you're wanted the game will literally spawn a cop car around every possible exit when you're about to lose your wanted. Or even spawn a helicopter in sight of you . Which , is annoying , but I can digress because it's a city based game and there's only so much space .

But I just stole a stage coach, let me correct myself , 5 stage coaches . In the past few hours , and every time there has been a ' random ' spawn of enough enemies to kill the horses on the coach and possibly me. 

One of the times was a random quest that had a really nice 4 horse coach, few hundred yards down the road about 8 enemies gun me down. 

I gave up for a while. Stumbled upon a pretty nice fancy looking coach. In the midst of looting the dead bodies and climbing back on it. 4 lesser coaches spawn and become witnesses, running round in circles all through that time chasing back down the good coach after everyone was dead I guess the game wasn't liking that I still had my coach, cause it spawned a random person in need quest.... And that guy became a witness to the crimes. Despite being on the other side of some pretty thick woodland . I kill the wolves trying to eat him, and him and by the time I get back lo and behold the fancy coach has despawned .

That's another thing, this stuff seems to despawn only when its inconvenient for you like the time I got ambushed by ten + people killed them all, then another couple spawn nearby on horses , by the time I killed them the bundle of them despawned but I had barely moved away from them .

But back to the coaches. 

I eventually got one that seems home free. So I start making my way to the fence, granted it was a long trip , but along that way , I was held up three times where they shot the horses , I found another coach and repeat , until I got to the fence, of course , without a coach ...

I'm all for a little difficulty and a couple of obstacles but this is just farfetched .


I was kinda expecting it to be less ... Well rigged compared to GTA v , maybe this will all go away when I unlock auto travel but today has almost put me off trying to get there . It's crossed the line from challenging to just plain stressful .

Which is a shame cause I found this a really relaxing game before I got ambitious , well not even that ambitious just a simple trade in at the wagon fence cause I found a nice coach, or like a hundred I guess it would be now


If the despawn mechanics weren't so unfavorable I'd be able to leave the coach in a safe place say idk maybe 10 seconds behind me and kill these guys, then I wouldn't mind, there doesn't even have to be less of them. 

But constantly spawning witnesses nearby is the rdr2 equivalent of spawning a cop at 4 out of 4 of the turns offs around the junction you're in

And spawning a stranger in need that instantly spawns as a witness is like the helicopter that spawns in sightline of you . 

If this continues it will make things a lot less enjoyable





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Okay this has just gotten absurd. 

Stumbled upon another decent coach, jump over to it , beat the man to dead without scaring the horses . Go to move his body off the road 5 steps away 5 STEPS I COULD HAVE TURNED AROUND AND STILL BEEN ABLE TO SEE THE COACH 

And when I turned around all that was left was his hat 

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Crocodile Hunter

Idk but Ive never experienced anything like that all.

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Yeah I'm not experiencing any of that tbh. I killed a guy to take his horse and his body was still there after I went across the map and back. Happened a bit south of Valentine near the pointy rocks.


Also in my experience the only time witnesses show up is if they were already there, have seen any spawn.


As far as enemy spawns, idk, I've only done one stagecoach theft aside from the introductory mission, and it didn't have any enemies at all.

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