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anyone know what to do now?


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Ive checked out the camp and other areas and there are no missions pertaining to the story besides the Javier one but I can't access that part of the map now. Anyone know?

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It's be to do the Javier one, had an issue myself getting instakilled there.
You follow the water line around the bottom of the map and go across the river straight to the mission start and you can do it without getting killed.

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  • 4 weeks later...

You can get there, but DO NOT follow a waypoint straight to the icon (unless you are interested in no - win situations LoL).

Any part of the map that is not visible simply means you have not been there yet. It will slowly become visible as you travel around the area.

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Yup, took me a few trips into hell to get to it as well.  Here's how to do it if you need it:



Go down towards Montana River from the camp near Strawberry-follow the trail along the river headed East.   The GPS will keep you near the River as you pass over a lot of craggy lands and some steep passes until it opens up towars Flat Iron Lake.  Part of the land almost across from Blackwater looks kind of like Florida or perhaps Italy jutting into the Lake.  That point is too far East so follow the shoreline back to the West about to where the River starts to open up-usually there are Wild Horses running thru the shallows and on the small islands.  That tlls you where it is shallow enough to cross, if you see them swimming then that is a bit too far East.  Cross on those small islands and shallow water to the West Elizabath side-you will now be in the Dead or Alive area.  Follow the shore-as you get close to Javiers mission you will see a break in the wall of the land with a path and lots of boulders, go up it-I suggest you hug the boulders on the East side and watch your horse becuase he will have trouble-go up a short slope and immediately head left [[East]] into the trees aand head towards Javier over the hill and thru the craggy rocks and trees.   Side notes:  If you get spotted and the law comes after you-I found heading back to the lake-there is a narrow Pennisular sticking into the lake, the water is very shallow and you can head towards it both ways from the shore or go straight down it.  The law seems to only want to follow the land there so you can go down to the tip and shoot them as they haed towards you.  I had them piled up knee deep there.  Aloso don't screw around after the mission-Arthur says he is going to stay and look around.  You will have about 30 secinds before the law shows up and I found nothing worth dying for there myself.  YMMV.



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